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    Anti-UV Large 54 Inch Creative Umbrella With Fan

    Umbrella  Fan

    Umbrella fan is hot selling item this year . In the hot summer days , you need one umbrella to protect from Sun , also one fan to keep cool. Now one creative umbrella is coming : Umbrella with fan.

    Avoid exposure to the harmful rays of the sun and protect yourself from UV rays and keep cool at the same time with the built-in battery operated fan inside the umbrella on the underside. Easy access handy on-off switch for the located on the handle for easy convenience.

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    The size is super large 54Inch , it is enough to cover 2-3 persons.

    And it is very safe to use , no need  worry about leakage of electricity. Innovative built-in fan is designed and positioned in such a way inside the umbrella towards the top that it folds automatically when the umbrella is folded for storage.

    USB for charging , no need any battery.