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Giveaway Umbrellas

When you see the term “giveaway,” the first thing that comes to mind is something you can get for free. Although it is free, you will have to participate in an organized competition for the masses. If you are a user of the internet, social networks to be precise, the term giveaway should neither sound new nor strange to you. Yes! It occurs almost every day.

It is, however, different with giveaway umbrellas because you don’t have to participate in any game to do it. Meanwhile, giveaway umbrellas are mostly used for creating brand awareness. But before we dive into further discussions, what this article will entail will be divided into sections for easy reading and understanding.

  • What Are Giveaway Umbrellas?
  • Why Is Umbrella The Most Suitable Giveaway Item For Branding?
  • Features Of A Good Giveaway Umbrella
  • Top List Of Six Giveaway Umbrellas
  • Reliable Umbrella Manufacturer To Get Premium Quality Products

What Are Giveaway Umbrellas?

Giveaway umbrellas, as the name implies, are umbrellas given out for free by businesses to achieve their promotional objectives. They are attractively fashionable to capture the eyes of every passerby; hence, promoting the services the business offers in the process. In most cases, businesses give umbrellas to their customers or clients to show appreciation. Meanwhile, among other reasons, the primary purpose of giving out free umbrellas—giveaway umbrellas—is to promote or advertise a brand.

Furthermore, since these umbrellas will be given out for free to advertise a business in the market, they must be fashionably attractive. This is an essential feature of a giveaway umbrella that must not be forgotten to ensure your target audiences positively accept them.

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Why Is Umbrella The Most Suitable Giveaway Item For Branding?

Although there are various suitable items for promoting your brand, umbrellas will make a difference in creating brand awareness. Many other giveaway items may meet your branding goal, but they won’t last for long. Meanwhile, the first key to choosing a giveaway item for branding is “longevity and purpose.” The giveaway item must serve a specific purpose of solving a problem for long, and umbrellas will make this happen effortlessly.

Let’s take a look at how unpredictable the climatic conditions may be and the effects it has on humans’ day-to-day activities. Impromptu rain can make you miss an appointment or meeting. But the problem is solved the moment you remember the umbrella you were given in your car’s backseat. Hence, umbrellas are imperative in our daily lives because no one is clairvoyant enough to predict tomorrow’s weather.

Furthermore, giveaway umbrellas are arguably the best tools businesses use to promote or advertise their businesses or brands. Meanwhile, businesses may not attain the benefits of giveaway umbrellas if the quality of the umbrellas is nothing to write home about.


Features Of A Good Giveaway Umbrella

Although giveaway umbrellas must be fashionably attractive to meet your business branding goals, they must, however, be high in quality. The quality of giveaway umbrellas embodies the identity of the services your business offer. Hence, if they are low in quality, your target audiences will conclude that the services your business or brand offers are inferior in quality.

The quality of these umbrellas lies in their features, such as their fabric, ribs, and other raw materials used for their construction. If an umbrella does not perform its main function of shading people from sun and rain, they would be dumped in the refuse. Furthermore, you will, however, get the best quality umbrellas when you work with a reliable umbrella manufacturer. Although many umbrella manufacturers are in today’s market, working with Huifeng Umbrella will provide you with premium quality at a cheaper rate.

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What Is The Most Suitable Model Of Umbrella For Giveaway?

When it comes to the promotion of brands or businesses with giveaway umbrellas, exposure to multiple eyes is crucial. Yes! You can tell it is very requisite from the preliminary discussion above. Hence, it would be best if you used the umbrella that can be used in areas or locations with multiple or numerous people for better promotion of brands. Many businesses use three main types or models of umbrellas for giveaways because they can be used anywhere, especially in places with many people, for better brand exposure. These models of umbrellas include the following;


Folding umbrellas


Walking umbrellas


Golf umbrellas

Top List Of Six Giveaway Umbrellas

Vivi Sky Pagoda Peak Umbrella

This is a lightweight umbrella with a classical and elegant design attractive enough to promote your business or brands. The classical umbrella design features an old-fashioned peaked pagoda shape. It is specifically designed to portray romanticism; hence, it is the most suitable umbrella for romantic events, such as wedding ceremonies.

Although the design of this umbrella contributes significantly to its popularity as a giveaway umbrella, its UV-blocking and waterproof properties also play important roles. A highly waterproof 210T pongee fabric is used for the construction of this umbrella to protect its users on rainy days. Furthermore, you can hand out this umbrella at a wedding event for the promotion of your brand.


SY Compact Travel Umbrella

SY compact travel umbrella, as its name implies, is an umbrella specifically designed for traveling. Hence, your brand will be exposed to various places depending on the destination of the traveling user. Therefore your business will get a large range of promotions not only because of design but also because of the durability of the umbrella.

It has astounding features, such as an automatic opening and closing mechanism for quick and effortless opening and closing of the umbrella. The canopy is UV-blocking and waterproof (it is made of 210T pongee and coated canopy). Furthermore, it has a handle made with rubber to prevent the umbrella from slipping away from hand while in use.

ACEIken Golf Umbrella

ACEIken golf umbrella, as the name implies, is an umbrella for sports events, especially golf sports. It is constructed with a double canopy to prevent the umbrella from turning inside out on windy days. Although the double canopy construction provides wind-resistant to the umbrella, it is also requisite for the application and displaying of your brand message. Furthermore, you can easily open this umbrella within seconds before you get drenched by pressing the automatic opening button.


NINEMAX Large Golf Umbrella

NINEMAX large golf umbrella is a large umbrella, as the name implies, with a double canopy. It also comes with various features to provide maximum comfort on rainy, windy, and sunny days. It has a solid pattern, and its canopy is designed with a 210T pongee fabric to protect you on rainy days. It also has an SPF 50+ protection to shade its users from direct and harmful sunlight. It comes in different colors fit to blend or match with your brands’ logo, which contributes to the attractiveness of the umbrellas and the promotion of your business.

The handle is made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, which makes it durable irrespective of its length of usage. It also improves its grip regardless of how wet the user’s hand is, and lastly, the umbrella is light in weight.


This is a model of travel umbrella with an automatic opening feature for easy, quick and effortless opening of the umbrella within seconds. It is compact and lightweight for easy carriage to anywhere without contributing to the weight of the load you are carrying. It also comes with a carry-on case which contributes significantly to the easy carriage of the umbrella. Although it is a travel umbrella, it is mostly used in sports events to provide shade from sun and rain. In addition to the sun and rain protection, it also maximizes the exposure of your brand to various attendees of a sporting event.


KoKoBin Oversize Rain Umbrella

This is a stick umbrella that both men and women can use without restriction to any gender. The construction of this umbrella involves the use of durable features, such as eighteen fiberglass ribs, a sturdy frame and a central shaft made of aluminum alloy. These features make the umbrella protect you from strong and gusty winds, ultraviolet rays from the sun and heavy downpours of rain. The canopy of this umbrella comes in various colors and designs, and it is large enough to display your business’ logo and brand messages in an attractive manner for everyone to see.

Reliable Umbrella Manufacturers To Get Premium Quality Products

The benefits of using giveaway umbrellas as a tool for the promotion of your brands and businesses are significant in all ways. Meanwhile, these so-called benefits solely depend on the umbrella manufacturing company you are dealing with for the construction of your umbrellas. The market is filled with many competitions, and you will need to work with a reliable and reputable umbrella manufacturing company to avoid low-quality products. Once the quality of your giveaway umbrellas is low, the response from audiences will be negative.

There are various umbrella manufacturers in today’s market, which makes it challenging to choose the most reliable of them all. Meanwhile, there are also some manufacturers that are popular for their experience, reputation and the high-quality products they offer, such as HFUmbrella. If you are still in search of a reputable umbrella manufacturing company for high-quality giveaway umbrellas, working with HFUmbrella will put a smile on your face.