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When you hear the term custom umbrellas, the first word you would pick is “custom,” which is the short form of customized. Customized umbrellas usually come with different fashions or designs of imprints, depending on what the customer needs. These designs are generally on some parts but not entirely on the umbrella’s canopy. Various businesses mostly use it for the promotion of their brands and businesses in an attractive manner.The critical factor or primary feature of custom umbrellas is the printing on the outside and inside parts of the canopy. Meanwhile, the design does not cover the entire surface but some part of the canopy. The printings of these canopies are customized with various printings that make the top of the umbrella unequal in appearance regarding designs.These printings may be fine art, screen, UV, or digital printings, depending on the nature of your business and the audience you choose to target. When it comes to custom all-over print umbrellas, you can tell from the term “all over” that it means it includes umbrellas with all-around printings, that is, designs on the entire surface of the canopy.

Custom Printed Umbrellas

What Is A Custom All Over Print Umbrella?

A custom all-over print umbrella is a term used to generalize a specific category of umbrellas with repeated designs or printings on the entire surface of the canopy. What do we mean when we say the entire surface? It means the eight panels of the umbrella are printed.
The eight panels of the umbrella are printed singly before its construction. They are collectively aligned to form a continuous piece of print by hand-sewing each of the printed panels.

Primary Purpose Of Custom All Over Print Umbrellas

Generally, custom all-over print umbrellas are used by many businesses for branding purposes. The attractive print all over the top of umbrellas creates an atmosphere suitable for the placement of your business’ logo and brand name attractively visible to everyone when used in public. What does this mean? Custom all-over print umbrellas are suitable for the promotion and advertisement of businesses and brands.

We are in a world where the entire population is attracted to anything with a fashionable appearance. Hence, custom all-over print umbrellas will produce positive results when used for the purpose of branding. Although aesthetic properties are what people or the target audiences seek, a low-quality product without durability will yield negative results. Nobody loves or desires what does not last, especially things essential to our daily lives, like umbrellas during harsh weather conditions.

If the umbrellas are not constructed with durable features, they will turn inside out and break on windy days. If this particular umbrella is used for branding, its low quality will tell your target audiences that your business does not offer the best services. The custom all-over print umbrellas used by your business depict the quality and trustworthiness of the services your business offers. It is compulsory to work with only the reputable umbrella manufacturing companies prominent for delivering umbrellas with the best qualities to give your target audiences the best first impressions.

Top List Of Custom All Over Print Umbrellas

There are various kinds of customs all over print umbrellas in today’s market; hence, finding those with the best qualities will be challenging. Although it is important to consider the aesthetic properties of these umbrellas, focusing on the quality of the umbrellas is requisite. There are many customs all over print umbrellas with outstanding and attractive designs but lack high-quality features. Low-quality umbrellas are useless, irrespective of their level of aesthetic properties. The list of top-rated custom all-over print umbrellas with high-quality features and aesthetic properties includes the following:

  • Sharpty Inverted, Windproof, Reverse Umbrella for Women
  • totes InBrella Reverse Close Umbrella, Sky
  • Totes Titan Compact Travel Umbrella
  • VRKAJZ EW Automatic umbrella, Nipic 10837912 20130826000407326000 Printed Folding Umbrella
  • Gorgerous Folding Umbrella Automatic Open Custom Pattern
  • Custom Personalized Folding Umbrella
  • Automatic Umbrella, American West Rodeo Hat Printed Folding Umbrella
custom all over print umbrella

Sharply Inverted, Windproof, Reverse Umbrella for Women

This is one of the prominent customs all over print umbrellas in the market. It works with an inverse mechanism as its name implies—Sharpty Inverted. This mechanism makes the umbrella close inside-out, and it protects you from getting wet by dripping water after rainfall. It also prevents the car or floor from getting wet when entering your car and home, respectively, on rainy days.

The umbrella’s canopy is constructed with a UV-blocking material to make you comfortable on sunny days. This is primarily because it blockades ninety-nine percent of the sun’s rays from causing your discomforts. The umbrella is constructed with a double-layer canopy to protect against rain and wind. It also features a premium carbon fiber material sturdy and rust-free.

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Totes InBrella Reverse Close Umbrella, Sky

Totes InBrella Reverse Close Umbrella, Sky, as the name implies, is a custom all-over print umbrella with a sky printing design on the entire surface of its canopy. It is a revolutionary reverse-close umbrella that closes inside-out to keep water away from you and your dress. The double-layered canopy is made of waterproof and UV-blocking material to offer maximum protection on sunny and rainy days.

It comes with an automatic close feature located at the rubber-coated handle to protect against rain when you close the umbrella. Hence, you will not get wet when entering or leaving your car on rainy days because the umbrella closes inside-out and collects the rain.
Furthermore, the umbrella features a NeverWet invisible coating, which makes the umbrella dry faster.

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all-over print totes travel umbrella

Totes Titan Compact Travel Umbrella

Totes Titan Compact Travel Umbrella, as the name implies, is a travel umbrella with multiple dots printing. It is prominent for the wind-resistant Titan Maximum strength technology feature. This feature makes the umbrella strong enough to withstand super strong winds and gusts up to 70 miles per hour. The fiberglass ribs also contribute to the wind resisting feature to prevent the ribs’ breakage and distortion, which will occur when the umbrella turns inside-out.

Totes Titan Compact Travel Umbrella features a large canopy. The canopy is forty-seven inches large, and it features NeverWet coating, which makes the umbrella water-resistant. The canopy is also made of 200 thread count durable polyester that prevents ninety-eight percent of the harsh ultraviolet rays on sunny days.

It is compact and light in weight. The travel umbrella is also popular for the automatic open and close mechanism it features. The auto open and close feature makes the umbrella easy to use. Furthermore, it comes with a wide tie strap for the wrapping of the umbrella for easy and quick storage after use.

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VRKAJZEW Automatic umbrella, Nipic 10837912 20130826000407326000 Printed Folding Umbrella

This is a type of travel umbrella with unique, stylish, and fashionable printings that makes it easily noticeable when used in public. Although it is designed under the category of travel umbrellas, it can also be used for several other purposes. It comes with various features that make it distinct from other umbrellas. It features a canopy whose construction was made with durable water-resistant and UV-blocking fabric for protection against rain and harsh ultraviolet rays.

This umbrella is easy to use. It comes with high-elastic springs, which are added to the folding part of the umbrella frame to improve the efficiency in opening and closing the umbrella before and after use. The umbrella is light in weight, compact and portable; hence, it can be carried anywhere without stress. Therefore, it is suitable for various purposes, such as traveling, camping, and outdoor sporting activities. Furthermore, it also features an automatic open and close mechanism that makes the umbrella easy to use.

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Gorgerous Folding Umbrella Automatic Open Custom Pattern

This is a light portable manual tri-fold umbrella with a sleek design suitable for branding and advertisement. It is portable and can be used for several purposes, such as traveling, outdoor activities and camping. The canopy is designed with a fabric that is water-resistant; hence, it will protect you against rain. The canopy also provides the perfect shade on sunny days to protect you from the harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun.

The umbrella is durable and easy to use. After its usage on rainy days, the water drops dry quickly within seconds. The umbrella is also corrosion and rust-free when taken care of and stored appropriately. The canopy consisting of sleek designs is fade resistant; hence, the printings will not fade away irrespective of how often you use it on rainy, windy, and sunny days.

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Custom Personalized Folding Umbrella

This type of umbrella is mainly used as a wedding or gift umbrella due to the printings it features. The printing design it comes with primarily depicts love. The one-sided printing-in features make this umbrella uniquely different from other umbrellas. The umbrella is large enough to accommodate two people and protect them on rainy and sunny days.

The canopy is designed with a polyester fabric coated in silicone. This fabric is ranked 50+ UPF. What does this mean? It means the umbrella has the Capito blockade ninety-nine percent of the harsh ultraviolet rays from the. The canopy is also water-resistant and fade-resistant to protect you on rainy days and protect the umbrella designs from fading away after frequent usage of the umbrella.

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Automatic Umbrella, American West Rodeo Hat Printed Folding Umbrella

Automatic Umbrella, American West Rodeo Hat Printed Folding Umbrella, is a unisex umbrella; that is, it is not gender-specific but can be used by both men and women. The umbrella is popular for the “cow over the moon” printing on its canopy. Although the umbrella is popular for its distinct printing design, it is also famous for its durable features.

This umbrella is designed to provide you with the maximum protection and comfort you seek on sunny and rainy days. How does it make this happen? The umbrella’s canopy is constructed with polyester fabric that has a UV-blocking property. What does this mean? It means the umbrella will shade you on sunny days without causing you discomfort. The canopy is also water-resistant, which makes the umbrella essential on rainy days.

Furthermore, this umbrella consists of shafts and stretchers that are made up of hardened metals that are super-thick. This feature makes the umbrella strong enough to withstand super strong winds. It also features an ergonomic rubber handle that consists of an automatic open and close mechanism to make the use of this umbrella easy.

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How To Order Custom All-Over Print Umbrella?

When it comes to ordering custom all-over print umbrellas from an umbrella company, such as Huifeng umbrella, you will have to follow some basic stages. These stages include the processing, production and shipping methods:

Stage one

Stage one: Details provision and cost agreement.

Provide the details of the umbrella you need, such as umbrella size, materials, and quality. You will also need to provide other essential information, such as the shipment method. Then you will receive a quote for the umbrellas you seek. Once there is an agreement concerning the price, you will pay a sample fee to have an idea of the quality of products the company manufactures.

Stage two

Stage two: Sending of design files

You will send the manufacturer the design files you want to be printed on your umbrellas. The design includes your business logo and brand messages if you will be using the umbrella for branding. You will, however, need to send high-resolution design files with a size of at least DPI 200, 100 x 100cm to get the best printing quality. Lastly, the file format should be AI or CDR (also indicate the CMYK and Pantone numbers). You can also use PDF or other design types. You can check the design template below for more details:

Stage three

Stage three: Manufacturing of the sample and approval

At this stage, the umbrella manufacturer will create a sample of your umbrella and send it to you for approval. Reliable and reputable umbrella companies like Huifeng Umbrella will create your sample within five to seven days.

Stage four

Stage four: The creation of your order

Once you approve the sample, you give the umbrella company the go-ahead to manufacture the ordered umbrellas. The manufacturing of your order will be delayed in some factories due to massive orders from other businesses; hence, it will take about two or more months before they start manufacturing your order. But it is different in the Huifeng umbrella factory.

Huifeng umbrella factory is not short-staffed; therefore, the manufacturing of your umbrellas will commence immediately after the approval of the sample. You will also be provided in-line reports and inspections of the manufacturing processes. Lastly, it will take about 25-30 days after the bulk production of the umbrellas.

Stage five

Stage five: shipping out the goods to the provided location

This is the final stage. At this stage, your orders will be shipped via the method you chose at stage one to the provided location. Meanwhile, you will first have to balance the payments or quotes before this last stage happens. Huifeng umbrella company also offers after-sale services after you have received your goods.


Custom all-over print umbrellas are useful for branding purposes; hence, they are most sought-after by businesses. The sleek and aesthetic properties they come with make them suitable for the advertisement and promotion of the services they offer. Meanwhile, more attention should be placed on the quality of the umbrellas because they will serve as evidence of the quality of services your business offer. You will, however, need to work with an experienced manufacturer of high-quality umbrellas to create custom all-over print umbrellas for your business.

There are several umbrella manufacturers in today’s world of umbrellas, but only a few are qualified for the appellation “reliable and reputable.” One of these very few reliable and reputable umbrella manufacturing companies is us — HFUmbrella. We specialize in creating the best quality umbrellas and will be ready to bring your dreams to reality. All you have to do is to place your order now, it is never too late to put a smile on your face.