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Corporate Gifting: Impress with Custom Printed Umbrellas

Corporate Gifting

In today’s competitive business environment, it is important to leave a lasting impression. Notably, smart corporate gifting is a strategy that can be used by both small and large corporations to stand out. And what better way than using custom printed umbrellas?

Practical, stylish, and with a wide canvas for your brand.

At Hfumbrella, we manufacture the best custom printed umbrellas for businesses that want to create a buzz. With over 30 years of experience, we have helped thousands of businesses by making top-quality custom printed umbrellas.

Let’s dive into the world of custom printed umbrellas and why they are excellent corporate gifting options.

Custom Printed Umbrellas

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Why Custom Printed Umbrellas?

When branded with your company’s logo or message, these everyday items become mobile billboards.

It doesn’t matter about the size of your business; these umbrellas can fit perfectly into any of your branding needs. Let your brand be as unique as it is useful.

Unique and Practical Corporate Gift Option

The best gift needs to be both unique and practical. The personalized umbrella is the perfect option.

Gifts that are not ordinary ones. They catch people’s attention. However, they are also functional since every season has days when it rains or is too hot for them not to be useful. This is a gift that will not be hidden in a drawer.

They will use them. Seen by everyone else. Not only do they guard against the rain, but they also advertise themselves as well. They help people remember your business.

Your brand is on display every time it opens up. It’s like a present that keeps on giving back again and again to you. Choose custom-printed umbrellas for your gifts instead of common ones.

Increased Brand Visibility and Exposure

Imagine your brand on a crowded city street in everyday happenings. Not just a billboard but an umbrella that one can print on.

They are unique and effective channels for marketing the brand to many people at once. It is a simple idea yet very effective, which makes it unforgettable.

The mobility of personalized umbrellas is what makes them so powerful. They are wherever people go; therefore, you will always have your brand exposed in different places and situations.

Passers-by see large custom printed umbrellas with your logo. Instead of temporary screen ads, custom printed umbrellas are practical objects carried by real humans.

A Unique Way of Branding

Custom-printed umbrellas make it possible for your business to achieve a unique brand statement. They let your brand stand out from the competition in an unforgettable and artistic manner.

They also serve as an extension of your company’s reach when individuals walk about with your branded umbrellas.

Cost-Effective Marketing

When compared to conventional advertising channels like television, radio, and print media, custom-printed umbrellas are a cost-effective solution. This is because they keep on advertising the brand even after their initial acquisition cost has been recovered.

High Perceived Value

Premium, branded gift items such as custom-printed umbrellas are perceived to be of high value. Additionally, they can maintain positive customer relationships due to durability in service.

Environmentally Friendly

Today, there is an increased concern for the environment. Hence, people should consider products that last longer and stay useful.

Therefore, custom-printed umbrellas are a step towards reducing the carbon footprint left by disposable promotional materials. You can choose eco-friendly custom printed umbrellas as a gift to attract people who are concerned with our planet.

Custom Printed Umbrellas

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Ideas for Using Custom Printed Umbrellas as Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting has a lot of possibilities that can be fulfilled by using customized umbrellas.

They are just perfect in terms of their usefulness and the promotion of any brand. Let us take a step ahead to explore more on how these unusual things shall be used in your corporate gift strategy.

Outdoor Advertising Opportunities

Outdoor advertising is an efficient strategy to reach a wide audience, and custom-printed umbrellas are best for that.

These umbrellas behave just like moving billboards because they are used by people in different outdoor environments like streets, parks, and outside events, which means that your brand can be seen by countless people.

This form of advertisement not only helps to spread the word about your business but has a practical benefit for the person using the umbrella – it keeps them dry!

When you choose busy locations for your outdoor advertising, your brand is likely to be seen by many people.

Trade Shows, Events, and Giveaways

Trade shows and public events are amazing opportunities to bring together a large group of potential customers.

Imagine for a moment people walking around with your custom-printed umbrellas on their heads. This is something that catches attention, creates interest, and provokes conversation.

But this is not all there is to it. You can equally use the umbrellas as giveaways. Everybody appreciates free things, don’t they?

Especially when they are helpful, so when the clouds gather, and rain starts falling heavily, your brand will come to the rescue.

Your umbrellas have a function. They protect people from the rain. And whenever this happens, your brand gets noticed time after time.

Sponsor Local Sports Teams or Events

Another way to promote your business creatively is to sponsor local sports teams or events using customized printed umbrellas.

You can offer these umbrellas to fans, thus giving them an enabling environment for viewing the game in the middle of any weather conditions. This exposure will greatly improve your brand image and create strong community relationships.

Collaborate with Cafes and Restaurants

This collaboration with restaurants and cafes providing outdoor seating opportunities can be a great example of promoting your products.

When you give your customers the company’s umbrella outside, everyone sees your brand. Moreover, this partnership could go beyond visibility, creating special offers or discounts that make your brand stronger.

Use as Employee Gifts

These umbrellas are perfect as employee gifts and can be used as an effective marketing tool. Employees using branded umbrellas from your company become ambassadors of your organization in their personal networks.

Collaborate with Hotels or Resorts

Using custom-printed umbrellas and partnering with hotels or resorts are other ways to market your business creatively.

When guests use those umbrellas, many people see them, especially tourists nearby. It helps bring in new customers who might not have known about the brand before.

Custom Printed Umbrellas

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Types and Styles of Umbrellas

Umbrellas come in different types and styles for various purposes and individual preferences. Any business buying custom promotional umbrellas must know what they want and where it will be used.

Compact Umbrellas

People on the move would find compact umbrellas the best choice. They are lightweight and small, so they can easily fit in a bag or briefcase, making them perfect for those days with unpredictable weather.

Think about giving out these custom printed compact umbrellas during networking events or trade shows. This would be a practical gift that attendees will love, and your brand will go with them everywhere they go.

Moreover, you could also decide to give these umbrellas as part of a free package to customers who buy in bulk; each time the umbrella is taken out, it generates a conversation about your company, thus advertising it subtly but effectively.

Sometimes, promoting your brand is not about doing something grand; it’s these small, useful items that can make the most difference.

Golf Umbrellas

Golf umbrellas are highly effective marketing tools. The reason why they are liked by many people attending outdoor events is because they are bigger and offer more coverage than others, not only golfers.

Your brand logo can be seen from afar on this big surface.

Suppose you distributed these giant custom-made umbrellas at a golf tournament. This would be very useful to the attendees, who are probably business owners themselves. They will keep thinking about your brand every time they use that umbrella.

Alternatively, consider these golf umbrellas as corporate gifts. They work well for customers and partners, too.

Fashion Umbrellas

Some umbrellas have a style and class that is simply breathtaking. Entrepreneurs with an eye for good design love them.

Put your logo on one of these stylish umbrellas: people will turn around to admire them. Think about giving them away at big business events.

It’s not just an umbrella.

It’s a fashion statement. There it is, bold in the midst of the crowd, saying, “This is me”. They’re practical, too.

Thus, it is also about looking smart while staying dry in the rain. Combining style with function makes umbrellas more than just an accessory. They can say so much more about your brand.

Patio Umbrellas

If you are looking for outdoor advertising, patio umbrellas are the best choice.

Think of a busy café. People sit outside under big umbrellas, enjoying the sunshine. Every umbrella has your company name splashed across it. It’s visible; it looks great, and every sunny day gets better for you.

They also come in different sizes, like 6 ft, which can fit into small lawns perfectly well, or 14 ft, which will be right for large outdoor locations.

These large umbrellas do double duty by providing more shade to clients and creating larger spaces where the logos of brands may be printed upon them to increase their visibility among customers.

Eco-friendly Umbrellas

These products are made from recycled and biodegradable materials, making them suitable for environmentally conscious customers.

One of the examples is the ‘Greenbrella’ umbrella which is made up of recycled plastic and aluminum entirely. The design is easy to use, and it has a strong construction, which makes it a good choice. It also shows how the organization supports environmental conservation.

These types of umbrellas have two main functions. They are used for protection against rain, sunshine, or snow, meaning that they shield people from these elements while promoting your brand’s message about sustainability. Choose environment-friendly umbrellas: this is a smart and sustainable way to show your brand off in style.

Your concern for our planet will appeal to eco-conscious consumers; therefore, there is a likely chance that they will do business with you in the future.

Custom Printed Umbrellas

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Case Studies: Successful Corporate Gifting with Custom Printed Umbrellas

Jack’s Bean Coffee

Looking to enhance its brand visibility, Jack’s Bean Coffee, a popular coffee chain, wanted to do something unique.

It chose to give out customized umbrellas to its customers during the rainy season. However, these were not ordinary umbrellas but eco-friendly umbrellas made of recycled plastic and aluminum, housing a clear logo of Jack’s Bean Coffee.

The campaign was a success. People liked the quality of the umbrellas. They used them so that everyone else could see this brand logo around them. The giant umbrella covered many areas in the city.

And what is best about these umbrellas? It was environmentally friendly because Jack’s Bean Coffee has always been an eco-friendly company. It was a win-win situation since this campaign increased brand awareness and made the brand seem like an eco-conscious brand.

The success of this campaign shows how powerful smart corporate gifting can be. It’s more than just giving away gifts; it’s about offering something that can resonate with recipients on their behalf. This was exactly what happened in the case of Jack’s Bean Coffee, and it paid off.

Sunnyside Resorts

Well-known holiday destination Sunnyside Resorts targeted to increase its brand’s visibility in a unique way. They always offer different types of gifts for their clients, and this time, they choose custom beach umbrellas.

They were not just ordinary umbrellas but those with vivid colors and a strong logo. The design was unique, and the Sunnyside Resorts logo was visible even from a distance. That was an intelligent way of getting attracted.

The campaign went well. Visitors loved the umbrellas. These brought shade and fashion to the beach. Similarly, like the signposts on crowded beaches, these umbrellas served that purpose, too.

The beauty of this campaign is what? It gave out something that had value. This gift matched the brand’s image; it was perfect!

Sunnyside Resorts’ campaign revealed that there can be creative and effective corporate gifts. It’s not just about giving or getting a gift. It’s about the meaning it carries. Sunnyside Resorts understood that, and it worked!

Choosing the Right Custom-Printed Umbrella for Your Brand

Brand Understanding

The first thing is to understand your brand; it’s vital. You must know the meaning of your brand. What story does your brand tell? Who are your target customers? You have to be consistent about your brand.

Select the Right Colors

Next, think of colors. Color is important. Branding depends on them.

Take a look at Sunnyside Resorts, which has used bright colors for its branding purposes. People are attracted to these particular colors, and its brand has remained on their minds ever since then. Therefore, choose colors that speak for your brand.

Size Selection

Size selection is also an important factor. Your intention will determine your size preference. Are you interested in being noticed by as many people as possible? Then go for a larger one.

A much bigger umbrella can be seen from afar. But do not forget that larger umbrellas are likely to become more unwieldy.


The material has to be strong enough for harsh weather while being lightweight for portability.

For instance, polyester, nylon, or pongee fabric are commonly used materials. Additionally, the material should take prints well so that your logo stays fine and sharp over time. Pick long-lasting materials for the handle and other parts of the umbrella.

Construction and Functionalities

Never compromise with the quality. Therefore, it should be strong and well-made to show your brand’s dedication to excellence in its products/services.

Think of things like a robust frame that does not rust, an efficient way of opening and closing the umbrella, and a soft touch handle. These have a lot to do with how long you will use the umbrella, as well as how good it feels in your hands.

Also, don’t forget about the functionality. Some umbrellas also come with wind vents, which ensure they never turn inside out during storms.

In addition, others are UV-protective. If your brand caters to outdoor enthusiasts, then this is an additional advantage in an umbrella.

There are other features, such as automatic opening and closing, that make the latter more user-friendly.

Adding Your Logo

Insert your logo. Ensure that it is bold and visible. This is the face of your brand. It’s how people will think of you. This is also what they’ll remember about the umbrella.

Therefore, decide where to put it most effectively. Make sure it stands out well from the rest of the text. Also, do not forget to include a message which will talk to your prospective clients.

 Find a Good Manufacturer to Get the Best Product and Price

The last and most important step is finding a reputable manufacturer. This is an important step since the quality of custom-printed umbrellas largely depends on the knowledge and integrity of the manufacturing company.

Explore different manufacturers, review their previous works, read clients’ feedback, and compare prices.

Clearly tell them what you need and what results you expect. This helps them make products that meet your requirements.

Do not forget that good manufacturers can create high-quality products that convey your brand’s message effectively. So, take enough time when selecting one among many available options.

Custom Printed Umbrellas

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Where to Source and Print Custom Umbrellas

First you have to find a good supplier. But how do you do that?

You can do this by using online platforms, trade shows, or direct contact (by asking other businesses who have taken their service).

Once you have a list of the possible suppliers, you should get in touch with them. Inquire about their prices, minimum order quantities(MOQs), and production times. You must also request samples of what they have done.

China is an excellent place to find suppliers. They have been making excellent products at reasonable prices for many years. Their infrastructure, technology, and skilled labor force are second to none.

In addition, Chinese manufacturers are very experienced in custom projects such as umbrella printing.

They know all aspects of the procedure, from selecting materials to conducting final quality control checks.

Importing from China is also very easy. They have excellent transport facilities all over the world. You can pick any freight forwarder yourself, or your supplier can arrange one for you. The price is also cheap for importing from China.


How can I ensure the quality of my custom-printed umbrellas?

Your custom printed umbrellas’ quality control is key to them meeting your standards. You should tell your manufacturer about what you expect and require from them before mass production takes place.

What is the typical production time for custom printed umbrellas?

It largely depends on the production capability of the manufacturer. Typically, it takes 15-30 working days. You should ask the manufacturer about their lead time to avoid any unnecessary delay or conflict with the manufacturer.

What details should I pay attention to when designing my custom printed umbrellas?

Think about both style and functionality. Choose colors that represent your brand, and consider the size and location of your logo. It’s always better to take expert help. Contact a local designer or talk to the manufacturer, and hopefully, their design team will help you.

Why Choose Hfumbrella for Your Custom Printed Umbrellas?

At Hfumbrella, we don’t simply manufacture umbrellas; we narrate stories.

Each umbrella is made from scratch at our factory to reflect the symbol of our client’s brand in every part—from the top to the handle.

So what makes us different? With our flexibility and commitment to innovation and maintaining quality. You can print all over the entire canopy or even display photographic quality artwork.

We have no MOQs, so you can order any amount you want.

We are the only Chinese company with 10 digital printing machines. As a result, you can get your custom printed umbrellas fast. We also offer door-to-door delivery service.

Tell us today about your story, and let us create a conversation-starting umbrella for you with your brand’s message on it.

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