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10 Steps to Choosing the Best Patio Umbrellas

best patio umbrellas

Sometimes, you don’t need a proper getaway location for good relaxation. All you need may be a patio umbrella in your back or front yard, over the corner steps of your swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, or an outdoor table. A patio umbrella is an outdoor umbrella, which is usually larger than a handheld umbrella. It provides shade for any choice outdoor location of yours.

Choosing a solid patio umbrella is hard because patio umbrellas aren’t common enough for people to know what to look out for in one. Also, a patio umbrella is different from other types of umbrellas. It has a more specific purpose from the general use of umbrellas. So, the steps for choosing other kinds of umbrellas will differ slightly from those of a patio umbrella. This is why we have outlined 10 steps to help you choose the best patio umbrellas. See them below—

1. Assess the Landscape

The first step to choosing a good patio umbrella is to assess the landscape where you intend to mount the umbrella. This outdoor assessment must include the hardscape and the softscape of the area. Whichever location you may want to shade with a patio umbrella must be measured, for example. This ensures that you choose an umbrella with a canopy, wide enough to cover the entire area.

There are two primary considerations to be had; which include:

  • The location of the patio umbrella in relation to the roof of your house. There should be sufficient space between the roof of your house and the patio umbrella.
  • Also, patio umbrellas are commonly used for cookouts and BBQ parties. Ensure that the umbrella should not be located near the open flame of a grill or kitchen. This is to prevent fire accidents.

2. Consider the Climate of Your Current Location

The climate of your location is a significant factor to consider when choosing a patio umbrella. This is because it determines specific features, which any patio umbrella you buy must-have. For example, sunny weather, especially during the summer, will require an umbrella canopy resistant to UV rays. In the same manner, windy climates require a stronger wind resistant umbrella. So you must buy a wind-tested umbrella. The higher wind resistance such an umbrella has, the better for you.

Climatic considerations will also help you balance and prioritize your choice of features. For example, you may choose a highly wind-resistant umbrella with low UV rays resistance for a climate with stronger wind conditions, less sun intensity, and vice versa.

3. Pick the Type/Style of Patio Umbrella You Want

If you haven’t decided on the type of patio umbrella to buy, you must do so now. This is because there are many types of patio umbrellas. If you do not choose the particular style you want to buy before heading into the market, you will most likely be overwhelmed by the various options you will see. In selecting the type and style of umbrella to buy, you must consider it’s intended usage, your taste, and space constraints too.

There are two major umbrella types to consider: the center pole umbrella and the offset/cantilever patio umbrella. As the name implies, the center-pole umbrella has the umbrella pole in the center, while offset umbrellas have the pole to one side rather than the center.

4. Select the Umbrella Canopy

Having chosen the type of patio umbrella you want, the next step is to select the umbrella canopy. The umbrella canopy should be wide enough to provide shade from the sun and the rain. Umbrellas start at 5ft in diameter and can be as wide as 15ft. A 10ft diameter patio umbrella, at the minimum, should be used.

Further consideration should be in favor of an adjustable umbrella canopy. Tilt and rotation features will help you provide more definite protection. An adjustable canopy will allow you to adjust the canopy’s coverage area in tune with any changing weather conditions. Furthermore, a good umbrella canopy is just as good.

5. Select a Good Umbrella Canopy Fabric

The next important consideration is the umbrella canopy fabric. Patio umbrellas stay outside for extended periods. So, you must choose a good material, suitable for bad weather conditions. A good umbrella fabric should be water-resistant and UV-rays resistant. It should also have a quick-dry feature; be hard to get dirty and easy to clean. Quick-fade fabric is a terrible choice.

There are known materials with these features, such as olefin, polyester, acrylic, and vinyl. Canopies made from thatch are unconventional, but a great option.

The color or pattern on the umbrella fabric is also important. This is because it is the most visible aspect of the umbrella. Finally, in choosing an umbrella fabric, how long you want it to last must be considered. If you need a patio umbrella for just a short period, then you can settle for a less durable, low-quality umbrella fabric.

6. Pick Your Preferred Umbrella Size and Shape

The patio umbrella size is also an important consideration. The size of the umbrella ought to be in tandem with the location where it will be placed. You don’t want, for instance, to choose an umbrella that is stronger or heavier than your table. A good umbrella canopy should extend over the area you need to cover by at least five feet, to provide maximum protection.

One other important consideration is the shape of the area to be covered. A round table, for instance, clearly requires a round-shaped umbrella. Popular umbrella shapes include round, rectangular, and square shapes. In choosing the shape, you should also check for any potential obstructions in the area.

7. Support Your Umbrella With a Stand and Base

The umbrella size will determine the type of umbrella base you will buy. Some umbrellas come with their bases. However, you may have to get your umbrella base, as most umbrellas don’t come with it. The umbrella base usually comes empty, and you will then fill it with sand and stones.

When choosing an umbrella stand, two features stand out—the umbrella stand’s weight and the material it is made from. The weight of the umbrella stand must be balanced against the weight of the entire umbrella. This is so that the stand will be able to bear the weight of the umbrella without crumbling. You should also get a stand made of strong, quality materials such as wood, metal, or aluminum stands.

8. Go for a Durable Patio Umbrella

No matter how rich you are, no one wants to buy a patio umbrella and have it go bad in a few days. You must choose good patio umbrellas that will last long. Ensure that all the umbrella parts were made from quality materials, as these parts’ durability determines the umbrella’s overall durability. You may also have to check user reviews on the umbrellas for any complaints, their frequency, and how they were handled.

Finally, ensure that you pick a good umbrella frame, such as fiberglass rib frames. The reason is that fiberglass ribs are resistant to salt air and heavy moisture, allowing the umbrella to bend and flex in the wind without breaking or snapping.

9. Consider Patio Umbrella Accessories

If you have followed all the steps mentioned above, then you must have gotten a good patio umbrella. However, there are some more accessories you can add to it to make it look better; and give it a more relaxing feel.

For example, you don’t have to close your umbrella and end your vacation when the sun sets if you have a patio light. Solar-powered lights can absorb energy from the sun in the day, and you expend it at night. Also, no matter how weather resistant your patio umbrella is, you should further protect it with an umbrella cover, thereby extending its lifespan. Furthermore, where you don’t have an outdoor table, you can buy an umbrella base table. This table can perform the double function of giving additional balance to your umbrella and holding your drink.

10. Check Your Budget and Money-back Guarantee

The best patio umbrella for you strongly depends on the amount of money you can afford to spend. Pegging your budget at a specific cap will help you choose an umbrella with just the right features for your environment and no more. You do not have to break the bank to get a good umbrella, and there is no shame in buying only what you can comfortably afford.

You should also get a patio umbrella with a money-back guarantee; so that you don’t exchange your money for low-quality goods without recourse. The good news is that most umbrellas come with a money-back guarantee. This usually lasts for a period of 3 months to 2 years. Some umbrella brands even have lifetime guarantees.


Your yard could be your very own vacation spot. You do not have to travel long distances for a mini vacation. This guide will show you how to buy your patio umbrella without hassle. If you’re into the umbrella business and want to start selling patio umbrellas on a larger scale, you can simply contact for bulk production of your umbrellas. We deliver only the best and right on time too.