How Do I Source Umbrella Factory From China ?


Umbrella Sourcing Manager

Alexander Hanes,

CEO & Founder of E-Promotion Gift.,15years of experience in Gift and Umbrella sourcing.

China manufactures nearly every product. Sourcing from China is a good consideration for small businesses. The fear of being scammed or the complexities of importation, they decide to source products locally. It is a good decision but with this decision, there is a lost opportunity.

With exposure to outsourcing my products, I have learnt how the companies in China work and think. Importation and outsourcing products from China are neither risky nor hard. There are a few things to consider while sourcing from an umbrella factory in China.

If you want a specific brand name of an umbrella, for example, Nokia or Mitsubishi, get the umbrellas from a Mitsubishi company. Don’t try to import the brand names of other companies especially those that have made a name for themselves. You may get companies saying that they produce the umbrellas which may be true. The reason is, a company may want the specific umbrella factory in China to make brands for them thus contracted. If you are not an agent of this company you may face legal issues. Companies contracted have protocols to ensure that there is no leakage of their products.

Outsourcing from an umbrella factory in China, you should consider having met some requirements. Most legit brand names from China offer bulk services. If you buy small amounts it will be a financial loss for you. The requirements are as stated below:
A cost of approximately $5000. This is used for coverage. There will be taxes, purchasing, duties, custom fees and finally local delivery to your store. If a supplier is selling small quantities it will prove to be of financial loss.
You need to do research on what types of good umbrellas are there and what people want most. Check your target market and buy the standard, equal to or better umbrellas.
Look for a company that will help you after shipping with customs duties in your country.
The most common thing to not forget spaced place to keep your umbrellas.

Avoid any supplier who will mention a branded product of a major company or another well-known brand. Once you have learned this trick then you are able to avoid scammers.
Suppliers have details and postal address. Send them a small sample of the product you want. If they receive it they are viable. After these talk to them on a one to one level as you conduct further research of their companies and their supply histories. The physical address concludes if they are suppliers from a legitimate umbrella factory China.
For the purchase of an umbrella, you need to know where most companies are located in China. Companies that produce similar products congregate in one place. I would advise you to consider an umbrella factory in China from Guangzhou.

umbrella buyer
Suppliers who are members and exhibit their products at trade shows are known to build relations with foreign customers. You can start by visiting trade show websites and viewing a list of suppliers and exhibitors that will cover your needs. Contact these exhibitors and make inquiries.

There are websites such as Gold member and trust pass’ list legitimate suppliers. These ensure that you find an experienced supplier who has invested to make contact with the customer and keeps a relation. Ensure that these suppliers are gold rated before purchasing so as not to lose money on scammers.

Legitimate suppliers are in contact with an umbrella factory in China. These means they can get discounts as loyal customers. They will communicate with you to find if the prices can reduce or not. By these, they will tell you the standard price that they cannot go below.

This will be after their communication with the umbrella factory in China that they are dealing with. They will also send samples via your mail or social media platform.

A legitimate umbrella factory in China will have a website to top it up. This is important as it ensures you can communicate, read reviews and inquire. After long and tiresome research I found a good umbrella factory in China. The name of the company is HFUMBRELLA.

It has been a supplier for the last thirty years and has fulfilled the above recommendations. They also have good quality products for every need. It is located in Guangzhou and has customers worldwide. It has invested widely with the production of umbrellas for every occasion.

With great knowledge, comes great opportunity. Once you have found a good umbrella factory in China, you can outsource your umbrellas comfortably. In type, you will make a good profit and excel in your business greatly. Go out and find a good supplier that will reach your needs and if you want an already searched and viable supplier, choose HFUMBRELLA.

A Personalized Umbrella Leads To A New World

Personalized Umbrella


The umbrella industry, with the characteristics of not complicated manufacturing techniques and affordable price, is a highly competitive world. To excel and make a profit in this industry is not easy at all. Nonetheless, Guangzhou Huifeng Umbrellas has opened a new world by adopting the strategy of divergence.

Full Color Printing Umbrella

Renovation in Advertising Umbrellas Personalized Umbrella

Taking the Road of Characteristic Development

In the early 90’s, Mr. Tan who is experienced in marketing and sales saw the great potential of the umbrella market and then made a decision to open an umbrella factory. He said, “ At that time, the umbrellas had a very common look. Good at marketing and sales, I took business trips to many cities, Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, etc, and as a result, the sales soon surged.”

However, just a couple of years later, Mr. Tan started to feel stressed. In 1999, he observed the fierce competition in the umbrella market, with the small factories starting the price war and margins squeezed. “ Some small factories made profits by producing low-price and low-quality umbrellas while my umbrellas couldn’t. The increasing pressure in operation forced me to renovate and transform.” Mr. Tan said.

Since that time, many enterprises have showed a strong will in image publicity, and therefore the golden age beckoned for the advertising industry. Mr. Tan began to think about using the umbrellas as an advertising vehicle and exploring the market of advertising umbrellas. He shared his ideas with a client, who was racking his brains in finding the best way for product advertising. The client spoke highly of Mr. Tan’s suggestion, and quickly made the first order of advertising umbrellas.

Looking at the ready-made advertising umbrellas, Mr. Tan believed that it was a wise transformation.


 New Driving Force from Cultural Originality

The Era of Personalized Umbrella

Huifeng Umbrellas has seized the big market of advertising umbrellas, which, however, became crowded within just a couple of years. Mr. Tan, a thoughtful person, began to transform the company again.

“ I find that some cups and clothes are customized, and perhaps my umbrellas can be customized as well.” This idea occurred to Mr. Tan, and then he led Huifeng Umbrellas to the fast track of customized umbrellas.

“Few people are doing the business of customized umbrellas. As soon as this idea was proposed, it was highly recognized by the market. Orders of customized umbrellas for school graduation, pet shop promotion, fan-club activities, wedding, etc. were made. Some people even printed their photos on the umbrellas. ” Mr. Tan said.

Compared to the ordinary umbrellas, customized umbrellas brought greater profits to Huifeng Umbrellas. Mr. Tan said, “In the past, we made profits depending on the quantity. Now the customized umbrellas created more profits, which have attracted increasing orders.” He hoped to push the customized umbrellas further up to a higher level.


 Capture the Channel of E-business

Overseas Orders came one after another

In the production workshop, the machines are running, while the workers are carefully cutting, printing, assembling and packaging. “ These are the order of an American client; these are the Korean clients’.” Justin, overseas market manager of the company, was talking about the orders on the way.

According to him, the increasing orders from home and abroad was credited to the rapid development of the E-commerce Team of Huifeng Umbrellas. He said, “The traditional trade model is still running, while e-commerce has helped us to attracted many clients from all over the world.”

Up to now, 60% of the sales came from e-business. What made Huifeng Umbrella more confident is thatPersonalized Umbrellas have high technical barriers, which are not easy for most factories. “ Over the past few years, we have upgraded our machines three times. We have had many patents. We will put our advantages in the umbrella industry into full display.” Mr. Tan said.

Delicate pet umbrellas, gorgeous parasols, automatic umbrellas, souvenir umbrellas printed with pictures…In the office of Huifeng Umbrellas Company, there are different kinds of colourful umbrellas, Personalized Umbrella making the office just look like an umbrella museum.

Over the past few years, Huifeng Umbrellas has created a new world in the umbrella market by using small umbrellas 。

What Happens Inside an Umbrella Factory China ?

Umbrella Factory China -What Happens Inside an Umbrella Factory China?

Ever wondered what happens inside an umbrella factory China? Creating an umbrella is both an art and a science. Here is the basic umbrella making process that each umbrella factory  China follows:

  • Fabric Selection – A variety of fabrics can be used for making umbrellas. Examples are linen, cotton, leather, silk, lace, nylon, and special fabric that was first made for umbrellas only—Gloria. Gloria, which means bright, is a combination of wool, silk, and cotton. Nowadays, nylon taffeta is the most common fabric used in umbrella making. Some factories also use microfiber fabrics. It is the prerogative of the umbrella factory management to choose the fabric colors and designs so they usually buy fabrics in bulk orders and with different color and design options. They can also ask their supplier to create a special fabric for them, though that might be more expensive.
  • Fabric Coating – Fabrics need coating and finish so the water would not pass through them when it rains. In the case of nylon taffeta, it is coated with acrylic on the underside and scotch-guard type finish on the top. Employees of the umbrella factory can do the coating or they can also buy coated fabrics from their suppliers.
  • Choosing Other Materials – The umbrella factory management should also choose the materials used in other parts of the umbrella. For example, the shaft is usually made from wood, steel, or aluminum while the handle is made from fiberglass or plastic. Even the shaping of these parts can be tedious. The materials used should be durable so the selection process of the materials is very important.
  • Assembly – After selecting all the materials, it is now time to assemble them. An umbrella has six basic parts: canopy, shaft, ribs, stretcher, joiner, and handle. The ribs are the wires supporting the fabric of the canopy. They are assembled to give the canopy a “U” shape. The ribs are attached to the shaft by fitting it on the top with a thin wire. After that, the stretchers are connected to the shaft using a plastic or metal runner. The runner moves along the shaft when the umbrella opens and closes. Next step is to sew the fabric to the ribs. Then, attach the handle at the end of the shaft. It can be glued or screwed depending on the material used. Lastly, the metal ends of the ribs can be covered with small wooden o plastic caps. They can be glued or sewn.
  • Labeling – The umbrella factory can put their label either on the canopy fabric or on a tag attached to the umbrella.
  • Quality Control – Just like in other companies, quality control is very important in an umbrella factory. Good umbrellas should be durable and the quality control personnel make sure that every umbrella that leaves the company is high quality.
Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

Double Layer Inverted Umbrella


Knowing the manufacturing process in an umbrella factory can help consumers know if an umbrella is a high quality or not. Always check the quality of the materials used. Make sure that each part is correctly assembled before buying an umbrella. Huifeng umbrella, the  professional umbrella factory in Guangzhou