(2018 ) The Ultimate Umbrella Buying Guide-It will save you 30% cost !

You can’t wait to buy an umbrella when rain coming!

Buying an umbrella a tasking activity given that very little, reliable buying information is available on the market. Most people often wait until it starts raining for them to snap off the shelf the first umbrella they can find.

Many times, it will serve them a few days only to end up turning upside down, twisting and looking like a broken elbow the first time they encounter a heavy downpour. It doesn’t have to be like that.


It’s convenient to use the internet to buy umbrellas from factory directly!

The most common way of buying an umbrella is through retailers either at the local supermarket or from online stores. However, many of the retail umbrella sellers tend to be quite expensive, way higher than the factory price. If you’re looking for several pieces of a certain umbrella brand, it makes more sense to order the umbrella directly from the factory. Why? You will be able to get your orders at a much cheaper price and you can be guaranteed the quality top notch.

Unbelievable, You can design your own umbrellas with no minimum.

Ordering your umbrellas directly from the umbrella factory also allows you to have to custom made to your desired specifications. If you’re buying them for promotion or branding, you can have your company logo printed on them as well as your tagline. If you’re a retailer, you don’t have to go through a third party. Placing a direct order to the factory also allows you to have your umbrella customized according to your customers’ needs, which translates to happier customers and more money in your pocket.

China umbrella manufacturers are the best choice to save your cost!

Having said that, one of the biggest challenges for most people when it comes to buying umbrellas is the process of choosing the best manufacturer. There are a lot of umbrella manufacturers around the world, but if you want to get affordable, unique and quality umbrellas, there is no place better than China. China has some of the best umbrella manufacturers, but not all of them can be relied upon. So it’s important to choose a manufacturer that has the relevant licenses and certifications.

Step by step when you communicate with manufacturers.

1: Find out if the factory has a China seal of approval and is also approved to ship internationally. Contact the company, share your requirements and ask them if they are able to do the job. This is also when you talk about numbers and prices. Be detailed about the specifications that you want, how many pieces you need and when you want them delivered.

2: Remember that there’re many different types of umbrellas today (more about that below), so you have to be specific about the type you want. Things like the canopy material, color, frame, handle, size, the type of latch, designs also need to be discussed. If you’re looking for a completely custom made and branded design, then you will have to provide the logo and any other customized designs you need put on your umbrellas.

3: Talk about all the above-mentioned things with a number of manufacturers, limiting your list to about 5 companies that fall within your budget. If the company has existing products already on the market, try ordering a sample from your nearest retailer, or simply walk into a supermarket and grab one of their units to see how it feels.

4: Alternatively, you can request for a sample directly from the factory, and many manufacturers will be more than happy to send you one. If you’re looking for a completely custom made piece, request for a prototype from the company with your specific design requirements in mind. If you don’t have a design in place, companies like Huifeng Umbrella Co. Ltd will be more than happy to work with you in putting your design ideas into a practical, final prototype.

5: After sampling through a couple of prototypes, you should be able to get a good idea of which manufacturer offers the best quality umbrellas at the best prices. As a general rule, don’t automatically go for the lowest prices in the market. Most low-end umbrellas don’t last, and your umbrella turning inside out on your client in the middle of a rainstorm can be more costly to your reputation than what you might have saved when sourcing for cheap, low-end pieces.

If you’re not sure of what to look for or specs to request when ordering an umbrella, or even the types of umbrellas available, the following section will be very helpful.

Transparent umbrella

What to look for when buying an umbrella direct from the factory?

i. Types of Umbrellas. Umbrellas come in different designs, sizes, and styles, and your order will depend on your target user and their intended use. Here are the most popular.

• Fashion umbrellas
• Led umbrellas
• Folding umbrellas
• Golf umbrellas
• Kids umbrellas
• Creative umbrellas
• Mini umbrellas
• Beach umbrellas
• Promotional umbrellas
• Rain umbrellas
• Parasols
• Straight umbrellas
• Wedding umbrellas
• Transparent umbrellas
• Patio umbrellas

ii. The Frame: Frames can be made from steel, aluminum or fiberglass. Aluminum frames tend to be lightweight than steel and fiberglass, but they are also more fragile compared to the former two. Oh, and there is also the wooden frame if you want to keep things classical.

iii. Design and Color. If you’re ordering promotional custom umbrellas for your company or brand, chances are you already have a predetermined theme color and logo to go with. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with the classic style and neutral colors.

iv. The Canopy.Nylon is one of the most common umbrella canopy materials, but polyester pongee fabric tends to be stronger and more water resistant. If your clients are concerned about wind flipping over their umbrellas, go for the vented, double canopy design.

v. Umbrella Sizes: the size of the umbrella will largely depend on its application. Sizes range from the small mini umbrellas for personal use to expansive patio umbrellas that span from 5 ft. to 11 ft. Generally, the larger the umbrella the more cover it provides.

vi. Umbrella Opening Systems. the most popular opening system is the Pop-Up system that comes with a spring-latch button and locking mechanism that holds the umbrella open once it pops up. Other systems include pulley and crank system.

Placed your order yet?

Huifeng Umbrella Co. Ltd is one of the highly professional umbrella manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters located in Guangzhou, China. The company serves thousands of customers around the globe offering high quality and unique umbrellas. That will keep your clients happy and your business profitable.

Simply send your inquiry to [email protected] The company will be happy to transform your dreams into a practical, beautiful and durable line of umbrellas.

How Do I Source Umbrella Factory From China ?


Umbrella Sourcing Manager

Alexander Hanes,

CEO & Founder of E-Promotion Gift.,15years of experience in Gift and Umbrella sourcing.

China manufactures nearly every product. Sourcing from China is a good consideration for small businesses. The fear of being scammed or the complexities of importation, they decide to source products locally. It is a good decision but with this decision, there is a lost opportunity.

With exposure to outsourcing my products, I have learnt how the companies in China work and think. Importation and outsourcing products from China are neither risky nor hard. There are a few things to consider while sourcing from an umbrella factory in China.

If you want a specific brand name of an umbrella, for example, Nokia or Mitsubishi, get the umbrellas from a Mitsubishi company. Don’t try to import the brand names of other companies especially those that have made a name for themselves. You may get companies saying that they produce the umbrellas which may be true. The reason is, a company may want the specific umbrella factory in China to make brands for them thus contracted. If you are not an agent of this company you may face legal issues. Companies contracted have protocols to ensure that there is no leakage of their products.

Outsourcing from an umbrella factory in China, you should consider having met some requirements. Most legit brand names from China offer bulk services. If you buy small amounts it will be a financial loss for you. The requirements are as stated below:
A cost of approximately $5000. This is used for coverage. There will be taxes, purchasing, duties, custom fees and finally local delivery to your store. If a supplier is selling small quantities it will prove to be of financial loss.
You need to do research on what types of good umbrellas are there and what people want most. Check your target market and buy the standard, equal to or better umbrellas.
Look for a company that will help you after shipping with customs duties in your country.
The most common thing to not forget spaced place to keep your umbrellas.

Avoid any supplier who will mention a branded product of a major company or another well-known brand. Once you have learned this trick then you are able to avoid scammers.
Suppliers have details and postal address. Send them a small sample of the product you want. If they receive it they are viable. After these talk to them on a one to one level as you conduct further research of their companies and their supply histories. The physical address concludes if they are suppliers from a legitimate umbrella factory China.
For the purchase of an umbrella, you need to know where most companies are located in China. Companies that produce similar products congregate in one place. I would advise you to consider an umbrella factory in China from Guangzhou.

umbrella buyer
Suppliers who are members and exhibit their products at trade shows are known to build relations with foreign customers. You can start by visiting trade show websites and viewing a list of suppliers and exhibitors that will cover your needs. Contact these exhibitors and make inquiries.

There are websites such as Gold member and trust pass’ list legitimate suppliers. These ensure that you find an experienced supplier who has invested to make contact with the customer and keeps a relation. Ensure that these suppliers are gold rated before purchasing so as not to lose money on scammers.

Legitimate suppliers are in contact with an umbrella factory in China. These means they can get discounts as loyal customers. They will communicate with you to find if the prices can reduce or not. By these, they will tell you the standard price that they cannot go below.

This will be after their communication with the umbrella factory in China that they are dealing with. They will also send samples via your mail or social media platform.

A legitimate umbrella factory in China will have a website to top it up. This is important as it ensures you can communicate, read reviews and inquire. After long and tiresome research I found a good umbrella factory in China. The name of the company is HFUMBRELLA.

It has been a supplier for the last thirty years and has fulfilled the above recommendations. They also have good quality products for every need. It is located in Guangzhou and has customers worldwide. It has invested widely with the production of umbrellas for every occasion.

With great knowledge, comes great opportunity. Once you have found a good umbrella factory in China, you can outsource your umbrellas comfortably. In type, you will make a good profit and excel in your business greatly. Go out and find a good supplier that will reach your needs and if you want an already searched and viable supplier, choose HFUMBRELLA.

How To Have A Good Experience Ordering Promotional Umbrellas

How To Have A Good Experience Ordering Promotional Umbrellas

umbrella manufacturer

umbrella manufacturer

There are so many reasons why umbrellas make some of the most perfect promotional items. You, therefore, know that you cannot go wrong if you have chosen to use the umbrellas to promote and advertise your brand. People love free things and umbrellas are very practical.

It is important that you work with an umbrella manufacturer that can meet all your customization requirements so that in the end you have umbrellas that fetch you the kind of results you wanted in the first place. So how can you make the ordering process smooth and successful?

  1. Find an umbrella manufacturer with a good reputation

The truth is that not every umbrella manufacturer will be able to deliver according to your expectations. To be sure of good results, start by searching for the best umbrella manufacturer you can find and check out all credentials and service elements that matter in the process. Trust the supplier if you feel confident enough on services offered and the terms of service too.

  1. Get talking

It is not always enough to talk via email especially when you are placing such a serious order. Written messages are not always interpreted right and it is, therefore, helpful that you get in touch via phone or video chats; whatever is most convenient for you. Talking clears any miscommunication that could be there when trying to decode written messages. When you talk to your manufacturer, you also get to find out whether they are passionate about what they do and this way you will also be able to gauge abilities and professionalism.

  1. Send clear print images and texts

Your printed umbrellas will definitely include images like your company logo and other relevant texts. To give the umbrella manufacturer an easy time getting the work done, make sure that you provide the clearest and crispiest images possible so that the same can be transferred on your umbrella fabric. Confirm that the manufacturer has received everything in the expected form and make any changes if necessary.

  1. Confirm the colours

The last thing you want to do is end up with advertising umbrellas that are all in a different shade of colour that may not even match your brand. It is therefore of importance to confirm your colours as many times as possible. Send tangible colour samples if possible because computers have different contrasts and you can never be sure the manufacturer will receive your requirements in the exact shade. A good manufacturer will always want to make sure that everything is a match and will have good measures in place to make sure that you get the exact colours for your umbrellas and prints.

  1. Be clear with delivery dates and quantity

Some umbrella manufacturers have limits when it comes to the minimum number of umbrellas you can order in one batch. Make sure that your preferred number can be accommodated and delivered on time for your scheduled use. The last thing you want is a delay in delivery of your order to place your order as early as possible.

An umbrella factory that goes out of its way to deliver your exact requirements will always offer you a pleasant experience when ordering. Work with a manufacturer you can rely on completely for your custom umbrellas.

Umbrella Measurement

How to measure umbrella size ?

Whether you are buying an umbrella in the department store or ordering a customized umbrella from a manufacturer, you should know how to determine the umbrella measurement. Here are the two important factors in determining the umbrella measurement:

umbrella Size


Canopy Size  (A)The size of the canopy determines the area that an umbrella can cover. It can be measured by referring to the arc width or diameter. To get the arc size, open the umbrella then measure from one tip of one side then over the top to the tip of the other side.  

(B)On the other hand, to get the diameter, open the umbrella then measure from one tip then move to the tip on the other side under the umbrella. Before buying or ordering umbrellas, research whether the brand that you will buy uses arc or diameter for umbrella measurement.

Frame Size – The frame is composed of the shaft and the handle. To get the frame size, close the umbrella then measure from the top until the handle. The frame size determines the length of the overall umbrella measurement. 

If you have a foldable umbrella, you will have two sizes: first when it is folded(D) and second when it is stretched out(C).

Folding Umbrella Size

If you are buying customized umbrellas, you have the prerogative to determine the umbrella measurement. The measurement would most likely be determined by the type of umbrella. Here is the common umbrella measurement for each type:

  • Patio Umbrellas – The right size for patio umbrellas is determined by the size of your table. Generally, there should be at least two feet of extra shade on each side of your table. Usually, a patio umbrella can have a diameter of 6 feet and above.

Patio Umbrella measurement

  • Golf Umbrellas – The diameter of golf umbrellas usually range from 50 to 60 inches. These umbrellas are big because they need to cover big areas for gold players. They can also be used picnic, theme parks, and other sporting activities.

Golf umbrella measurement(1)

  • Fashion Umbrellas – Colorful and chic fashion umbrellas usually have 20 to 35 inches diameter. These umbrellas are often used by women so they should be small enough to be placed inside a handbag for foldable ones. In the case of stick fashion umbrellas, they should be light enough to be carried around as part of a fashion statement.                                                                                                                                stick umbrella measurement
  • Kids Umbrellas – Umbrellas for kids usually have around 16 to 20 inches in diameter. These umbrellas are specially made small so kids can easily carry them at school. Big umbrellas might be too heavy for kids to carry.

kids Umbrella measurement(1)

  • Rain Umbrellas – This is the most common type and the one that we carry every day. Rain umbrellas can have a diameter ranging from 20 to 40 inches depending on the umbrella type. Common ones are usually below 30 inches.

Rain umbrella measurement(1)

Knowing the umbrella measurement helps you know if the umbrella will fit your bag or if it will be easy for you to bring it. You will also know based on the measurement if an umbrella would fit your needs and style.

The detailed dimensions are as follows:

11 inches: the radius is 28cm, and the diameter under the umbrella is 50cm.

13 inches: the radius is 33cm, and the diameter under the umbrella is 59cm.

14 inches: the radius is 36cm, and the diameter under the umbrella is 64cm.

15.5 inches: the radius is 39.5cm, and the diameter under the umbrella is 70cm.

17 inches: the radius is 43.5cm, and the diameter under the umbrella is 77.5cm.

19 inches: the radius is 48.5cm, and the diameter under the umbrella is 86.5cm.

(child umbrella: umbrella under 19 feet, usually called a child umbrella)

The detailed dimensions are as follows:

20 inches: the radius is 51cm, and the diameter under the umbrella is 90cm.

21 inches: the radius is 53.5cm, and the diameter under the umbrella is 95cm.

21.5 inches: the radius is 55cm, and the diameter under the umbrella is 98cm.

22 inches: the radius is 56cm, and the diameter under the umbrella is 100cm.

23 inches: the radius is 58.5cm, and the diameter under the umbrella is 105cm.

27 inches: the radius is 68.5cm, and the diameter under the umbrella is 122cm.

29 inches: the radius is 73.5cm, and the diameter under the umbrella is 131cm.

(19 to 23 inches is a common umbrella, which is suitable for adults).

Custom golf umbrella

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What Happens Inside an Umbrella Factory China ?

Umbrella Factory China -What Happens Inside an Umbrella Factory China?

Ever wondered what happens inside an umbrella factory China? Creating an umbrella is both an art and a science. Here is the basic umbrella making process that each umbrella factory  China follows:

  • Fabric Selection – A variety of fabrics can be used for making umbrellas. Examples are linen, cotton, leather, silk, lace, nylon, and special fabric that was first made for umbrellas only—Gloria. Gloria, which means bright, is a combination of wool, silk, and cotton. Nowadays, nylon taffeta is the most common fabric used in umbrella making. Some factories also use microfiber fabrics. It is the prerogative of the umbrella factory management to choose the fabric colors and designs so they usually buy fabrics in bulk orders and with different color and design options. They can also ask their supplier to create a special fabric for them, though that might be more expensive.


  • Fabric Coating – Fabrics need coating and finish so the water would not pass through them when it rains. In the case of nylon taffeta, it is coated with acrylic on the underside and scotch-guard type finish on the top. Employees of the umbrella factory can do the coating or they can also buy coated fabrics from their suppliers.


  • Choosing Other Materials – The umbrella factory management should also choose the materials used in other parts of the umbrella. For example, the shaft is usually made from wood, steel, or aluminum while the handle is made from fiberglass or plastic. Even the shaping of these parts can be tedious. The materials used should be durable so the selection process of the materials is very important.


  • Assembly – After selecting all the materials, it is now time to assemble them. An umbrella has six basic parts: canopy, shaft, ribs, stretcher, joiner, and handle. The ribs are the wires supporting the fabric of the canopy. They are assembled to give the canopy a “U” shape. The ribs are attached to the shaft by fitting it on the top with a thin wire. After that, the stretchers are connected to the shaft using a plastic or metal runner. The runner moves along the shaft when the umbrella opens and closes. Next step is to sew the fabric to the ribs. Then, attach the handle at the end of the shaft. It can be glued or screwed depending on the material used. Lastly, the metal ends of the ribs can be covered with small wooden o plastic caps. They can be glued or sewn.


  • Labeling – The umbrella factory can put their label either on the canopy fabric or on a tag attached to the umbrella.


  • Quality Control – Just like in other companies, quality control is very important in an umbrella factory. Good umbrellas should be durable and the quality control personnel make sure that every umbrella that leaves the company is high quality.
Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

Double Layer Inverted Umbrella


Knowing the manufacturing process in an umbrella factory can help consumers know if an umbrella is of high quality or not. Always check the quality of the materials used. Make sure that each part is correctly assembled before buying an umbrella. Huifeng umbrella, the  professional umbrella factory in Guangzhou

Various Types of Umbrellas

Whether the day is sunny or rainy, your favorite umbrella can come to your rescue and protect you from the harshness of weather. They allow you to head out the door and complete your work without being affected by any type of weather condition. There are many umbrella manufacturers who have come up with unique designs, styles and patterns to match the different requirement of customers.

You can now get custom umbrellas designed to match your specific requirements. You can select fabric, material, design, pattern and color of your choice to get a personalized piece of accessory. Here are some common types of umbrellas widely available in the market:

Auto Open&close Wind-resistant Folding Umbrella Wholesale

Auto Open&close Wind-resistant Folding Umbrella Wholesale

Classic– This is one of the most common types of umbrellas available in modern times. It has maintained its popularity over the time and is made from wood, metal or polyester shaft. The canopy is made from microfiber fabrics.



Pocket– Small, portable and lightweight, they are the best to be carried in your jacket pocket and used in emergency situations. They can serve you best when you are suddenly caught in the rain. But, this type of umbrella is not designed to protect you from strong winds or prolonged stay in the rain.

Windproof folding umbrella

Windproof folding umbrella

Automatic– You can open and close these types of umbrellas using a single hand. They are small and can be easily carried in a purse or backpack. You just have to press a button to open them.

transparent umbrella

transparent umbrella

Bubble– They are spherical in shape and their canopy is taller than the regular ones. They are made with transparent plastic material to help you see where you are going in the rain.

Stylish Fashion Umbrellas

Artistic– Many designers today are coming up with unique and intricately designed umbrellas made with rare materials. They are a little costly and may not be easily available.

Golf umbrella

Golf umbrella

Golf– They are designed specifically for golfers and can be easily carried in a golf bag. They have a canopy diameter of 70 inches and can save multiple golfers during sudden rains.

Golf umbrella

Golf umbrella

Storm– Made from reinforced materials, they can withstand extreme wind speeds and rain conditions. They can protect you from winds up to 55 miles per hour.

Ladies Sunproof Umbrella Parasol

Ladies Sunproof Umbrella Parasol

Paper– They first appeared over 2000 years ago and since then, are serving not only as a useful tool but also, as a religious symbol.

Umbrellas are an important accessory widely used by people across the globe. Buying them from an umbrella factory proves to be very affordable.

You can look for a reputed umbrella factory online. Visit our website for more information on a custom umbrella.


Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Custom Umbrellas For Promotion

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Custom Umbrellas For Promotion

Custom umbrellas have become a powerful and highly popular promotional items for many businesses. It has become very easy to get these personalized items to market your brand identity. Whether you are on a look out for wholesale rain umbrellas, custom printed or specialized ones, there are many manufacturers to meet your needs and requirements at an affordable cost.

Golf umbrella

Golf umbrella

Custom umbrellas offer a large imprint area and come with a range of fabulous choices. Their cost-effectiveness coupled with utility all round the year have made them hugely popular among the marketers. You can find hundreds of designs and patterns in the market and choosing the right one is very important to market your business and attract customers. Here are some important things to keep in mind while buying them:

Golf umbrella

Golf umbrella

Type of Customers– When you are buying a custom umbrella for promotional needs, it is very important to consider the needs of the recipients. If you are promoting a school, college or youth club, go for bright colored fashionable items, which will be loved by youngsters. You should opt for dark and formal colored, custom umbrellas while promoting a professional company or business. Thinking about the audience to whom you will be handling these items will help you in finding the best model matching their needs. Select something which will travel with your customers as often as possible and remind them about your product or services.

Features– Custom umbrellas come with a variety of features. Consider things like the way it opens, imprint area and the shaft material. Some of these items come with an auto-open feature which many people find attractive. Custom umbrellas with aluminum shafts are lightweight and durable, while wood and fiberglass shafts are good to be used during a storm.

Discounts– Manufacturers offer good discounts when you place a big order. Businesses looking for mass promotion can order these in bulk and get good deals and discounts.

Size and Type– You can find these in various shapes and sizes to match the specific needs of your customers.

Weather Type– Consider the weather of the city your business operates in while making a choice. If the weather remains sunny and warm during most of the year, colored of mini ones will make a good choice. Anti-wind ones will be the best for areas prone to gust and rains. Choosing weather appropriate items will make sure that your customers use them regularly.

Custom umbrellas make a great choice for promoting a business.

Buying a custom umbrella directly from an umbrella factory can help you in getting good discounts. Visit our website for more information.