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Promotional umbrellas (That could increase 300% sales)

Promotional umbrellas

  promotional umbrellas

Find a good tool to market your company and brand!

As a business or company, there are a number of ways to market yourself and effectively improve your brand image. The best way is to use Umbrellas which are custom-made and designed for promotional use. This may include putting a logo of your company on the umbrella to help boost brand visibility and market your company. A number of big companies have pre-made promotional umbrellas with their logo and brand name designed to boost their marketing strategies.

What're benefits of promotional umbrellas when compare with other promotional products?

As a company or business, you can have one custom made with your products and brand name for effective marketing. Despite the fact that marketing using promotional products like pens, mugs, T-shirts, and many other small items is widely used, it might not really be a revolutionary marketing approach for many marketers. A promotional umbrella is a proven marketing product that reaches a wider target and effectively enhances brand visibility to many potential customers. They are currently the best marketing prowess that is being adopted by many companies due to their benefits and utility to customers.


The secret of marketing is to have a variety of marketing products with varied features that will excite customers in different ways without getting bored by the same product over and over again. Umbrellas have become a favored promotional product because they come in different colors and can be branded using different types of technology. They are produced and crafted with high-quality material which attracts many people and by so doing will make them the best promotional product.


Umbrellas are also long lasting which will ensure your brand name stays in view for the longest time possible. This is a characteristic that makes the umbrella to be the most soughed-after promotional item unlike caps and other accessories that have a short lifespan.


Another attribute of umbrellas that make it stay on top of the game is mobility. They are portable and people carry them easily to different parts which mean your brand name will spread far and wide. This is a remarkable brand exposure approach where the user of the umbrella unknowingly becomes a brand ambassador for your company. This will greatly help to attract potential customers to your company by exposing and making it visible to many people.


For the best marketing approach using promotional umbrellas, it is best to imprint company logo using the latest technology. The umbrella can be printed with company name, logo, company website URL, a brief call to action message, or even contact information. By designing these umbrellas with personalized logos and brand images, it becomes worth to the company and the cost should not be a hindrance. For a greater visibility, a company can give out umbrellas as gifts or give out freely to employees in order to effectively market the company.

What should you consider when buying promotional umbrellas?

1 : Promotional umbrellas need to be well-designed and the company or brand owner has a greater say in the overall design or look of the umbrella. You get a chance to choose how you want the logo to look like, what message will appear on the umbrella or even the color of the umbrella. For the best design, it is advisable to first study other existing designs and choose which one best suits your company. This will offer you a good idea of how you will want your design to look like.


2: Cost of promotional umbrellas is also another factor that should be considered in order to market the company and at the same time minimize profits. It is advisable to order in large quantities directly from the factory as this will attract discounts and you will be able to cut on cost. Also, choose the best fabric for your umbrella as this will also guarantee a quality of the print.


3: Before ordering the umbrellas, ensure you have scrutinized the product well and ascertain that it has the right features you want. Contact the manufacturer and place your requirement and ask for product information that may not be included in the products descriptions. Inquire whether modifications are possible and if it attracts additional costs to get the exact price before comparing with others.


Promotional umbrellas are no doubt the most effective marketing tool for every business. They are cost-effective and are an essential investment worth diving into. You can supply custom-made umbrellas to cover an event and in return, you will be enhancing an effective brand visibility. Critically figure out and study the type of design you need in order to get the best that will effectively market your company.

Custom Promotional Umbrellas online: info@hfumbrella.con

How New Businesses Can Use Custom Umbrellas to Steal Their Competition Customers

New Businesses Use Custom Umbrellas 

Promotional Umbrellas
Promotional Umbrellas

New businesses find it hard to compete in an industry or place where there is already an established brand. To survive in such business environment, business owners and managements need to come up with fresh ideas and innovative ways to get new customers. This makes promotional products such as custom umbrellas a “must-do” investment for any new business in 21st century.

Using media advertisement is currently a little bit overwhelming, in most cases, it yields little or no result because almost everybody is doing the same thing. Such venture can lead to waste of insufficient resources by new businesses. On the other hand, research has shown that promotional items such as cups, shirts, and custom umbrellas are the most effective way to promote business in this era. This product constantly keeps your name and your brand in front of your target audience.

Floral Printing Umbrella

Why New Business Should Promote their Brand with Promotional Custom Umbrellas

Without a doubt, the start of any business venture can be tough. In fact, this is the toughest stage of any business as only a handful of people know about the existence of the business. Apart from dealing with policy issues pertaining to business in your area, you also have to deal with established competitors.

It is very difficult to win customers over to your business. Hence, new businesses need to leverage on innovative advertising strategies to build their own customer base and even steal most of their competitors’ customers. Every new business requires more attention to make a place in the existing market.

Introducing your new business to new set of customers or people is an uphill task. To make your name known in the industry, you will need to play safe and smart. As a new business, you cannot afford to waste money on trial and error strategies, you need to leverage a tested strategy that has been confirmed to be very effective in bring new customers to your new business.

To start getting new customers, you will first need to create good impression on the potential customers. Your impression should not only be good but steady. One of the greatest, easiest and cost-effective ways to achieve this is by using personalized umbrellas. This is because umbrellas appeal to many people irrespective of age or gender.

Apart from its appeal, custom umbrellas are cost-effective promotional strategy. For most new businesses, the budget is always tight and the business needs to invest only where they are sure of possible return. Custom print umbrellas are cheap options for creating a long lasting impression and impact on the customers.

Investing in custom umbrellas may seem like a bit expensive option in the beginning especially when you compare them to other promotional products such as pens, key rings or notepads. However, when you consider the returns it will bring from the initial investment and the successful dissemination of your brand name, you will discover that your business will benefit greatly from this investment.

How to Make use of Promotional Umbrellas

New Businesses can make use of promotional custom umbrellas in a number of ways.

Businesses such as restaurants and other small businesses can put the custom umbrella with their logo forth for making stalls at trade shows or special events. Additionally, the custom umbrellas can be used as gifts and giveaways.

In order to reduce the cost, new businesses can start with small golf umbrellas. Customized umbrellas can come in different sizes, colors, designs and materials. When you order your custom umbrella from Hfumbrella, we can be able to use the creativity and imagination of our expert designers to create a unique and striking logo for your new company to catch the eye of all at the very first sight.

As a new business, you can use custom umbrella and climb up the ladder of success, this innovative advertising strategy can help you establish a strong footing in the market.

You can get your custom umbrella from Hfumbrella. We can come up with any quantity and any design of custom umbrella you want and ship it to your location. You will get superb quality umbrellas at affordable prices.

What Are the Color and Design Options of Promotional Umbrellas?

What Are the Color and Design Options of Promotional Umbrellas?

Travel Compact Golf Windproof Umbrella

No doubt, custom umbrellas are one of the hottest picks. In fact, almost every new business is now leveraging promotional umbrellas to give their business a boost and bring in more customers.  What make this type of promotional strategy perfect is that umbrellas have wide range of applications in our daily lives. Almost all the small and even big corporations in the United States and UK are using one type of customized umbrella or another for their business promotion. As a new business, you will need to find something unique, something that will make your business stand out.


Big custom umbrella makers such as Hfumbrella always provide variety of promotional umbrellas. You can get these types of umbrellas in various colors, designs and sizes. In fact, there are endless variety and styles of a customized umbrella. The great thing with this tool is that if you do not like the designs you see, you can demand for a custom design or come up with your new and unique idea and we can transform that idea into a beautiful custom-printed umbrella.


Umbrellas are commodities that are used on regular basis and this is what made them very attractive as a promotional tool. Most people love getting umbrellas as a gift when they attend events host by companies. The truth is that umbrellas have so many practical values and when you brand an umbrella before giving it out, it will constantly keep your business name in front of your potential customers.


Custom Made Umbrellas

Choosing the Best Color and Design for your Umbrella

When you want to make a promotional custom umbrella, it is important that you spend time considering the color, style and size you need.

We usually recommend that businesses choose the same color as their business color. You will also need to decide if you want to see your company logo or your business slogan on the umbrella.  If you can’t figure it out yet, no problem, you can sit down with a representative from Hfumbrella and listen to some of his recommendations.


You have the liberty to design and customize your company’s customized umbrellas in the way that you like. This is why it is very important that you work with a company that has experts with lots of creativity and imagination. Creativity and imagination will give your custom umbrella a nice, refreshing and awesome look that will attract the attention of anybody that sees it including customers and business partners. It will as well make it desirable and easy for people to accept to carry it around.


When you have a designer that makes a custom umbrella that is not attractive, nobody will like to carry it around thereby you won’t achieve your promotional objective. This is why it is so important that you only work with experienced and trusted custom umbrella maker such as Hfumbrella. We have years of experience in making of custom print umbrella. We don’t only supply individuals, both we also cater for small businesses, big companies, governments and non-profit organizations.


The benefit of investing in an experienced custom umbrella maker is that you will get it right the first time. In most cases, especially if this is your first time of making custom print umbrella, you will be a little bit confused about what you want. An experienced custom print umbrella maker can help you figure out exactly what you want as well as make it become a reality. This way, you won’t have to return umbrellas after they must have been shipped to your location thereby messing up with your schedule and adding up to your expenses.


When you want to make your umbrella, you can always choose any color your want. You can choose red, blue, green, silver or mixtures of these colors. You can as well choose the size of the umbrella you want. There are also umbrellas of different styles and forms such as folded umbrellas, stick umbrellas, three fold umbrellas and many more.   Another thing you will need to consider is where to place your logo or slogan on the umbrella. You can discuss this with your custom umbrella maker to find out what works best for you.

Tips for Choosing Best Promotional Umbrellas

Tips for Choosing Best Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional Umbrellas
Promotional Umbrellas

Materials you choose for your advertising umbrellas including promotional compact umbrellas to bigger personalized golf umbrellas will determine the quality of the umbrellas. If you want to make a lasting impression on your recipients and want to create a good image for your company, then you want to make sure that you choose the most suitable materials. Durability is important, especially for functional items like umbrellas; the longer your umbrellas will be used the better the results for your promotional efforts.

Windproof folding umbrella
Windproof folding umbrella

Frame – It is one of the most important parts of an umbrella and needs to be reliable and high in quality to keep the item functional. There are so many material options for the frame and by weighing the pros and cons of each; you should be able to select the best for your promotional umbrellas. Iron is a popular option and works well for those who are considering costs. It is lower in cost, but it is not that durable. Wood on the other hand is quite a durable material but it is not suited for fold umbrellas. A wooden handle feels good and offer grip, but it the material is a little expensive compared to iron. Fiberglass material is another material option for the frame and it is high grade, hence more suited for golf umbrellas. It is strong and durable and is not easy rusting. Lastly, there is the option of going for aluminum, which is high in cost, but at the same time very durable. It is lightweight but has a very stylish appearance leaving your umbrellas looking high grade; you can improve appearance even more by matching it with white fiberglass ribs.

US Flag Umbrella American Flag 3 Folding Compact Travel Windproof Umbrella
US Flag Umbrella American Flag 3 Folding Compact Travel Windproof Umbrella

Fabric – The canopy of the umbrella is what offers the much needed shielding from rain or sun. It is therefore something that needs to be considered when sourcing for custom umbrellas to promote your brand. The most commonly used fabric is polyester, but nylon is also a very popular choice. You can go a step further to have your fabric coated as you deem necessary. Think of a fabric that will last longer and hold up the pressure of constant usage.

Crutch umbrella
Crutch umbrella

Ribs – When it comes to ribs, you can match them with the frame or mix them up to create the most practical and functional umbrellas possible. The common materials used for the ribs are aluminum, fiberglass and iron. If you choose to go with compact fold umbrellas, then you want ribs that can withstand the demands that come with the style without snapping out of place. Your manufacturer should be able to offer assistance with the material selections.

Petal Swirl Umbrella
Petal Swirl Umbrella

Handle – It matters and should be comfortable to grip on even for extended periods of time. You can choose from plastic, rubber, wood, aluminum and even EVA and rubber-coated handles for the umbrellas. Think about the final look and feel you want for the umbrellas and consider all other materials used so you are able to make the best choice for the handle material.

A good umbrella factory should be able to guide you with the choice of materials for your custom umbrellas so you can design quality umbrellas like you desire.

How To Have A Good Experience Ordering Promotional Umbrellas

How To Have A Good Experience Ordering Promotional Umbrellas

umbrella manufacturer
umbrella manufacturer

There are so many reasons why umbrellas make some of the most perfect promotional items. You, therefore, know that you cannot go wrong if you have chosen to use the umbrellas to promote and advertise your brand. People love free things and umbrellas are very practical.

It is important that you work with an umbrella manufacturer that can meet all your customization requirements so that in the end you have umbrellas that fetch you the kind of results you wanted in the first place. So how can you make the ordering process smooth and successful?

  1. Find an umbrella manufacturer with a good reputation

The truth is that not every umbrella manufacturer will be able to deliver according to your expectations. To be sure of good results, start by searching for the best umbrella manufacturer you can find and check out all credentials and service elements that matter in the process. Trust the supplier if you feel confident enough on services offered and the terms of service too.

  1. Get talking

It is not always enough to talk via email especially when you are placing such a serious order. Written messages are not always interpreted right and it is, therefore, helpful that you get in touch via phone or video chats; whatever is most convenient for you. Talking clears any miscommunication that could be there when trying to decode written messages. When you talk to your manufacturer, you also get to find out whether they are passionate about what they do and this way you will also be able to gauge abilities and professionalism.

  1. Send clear print images and texts

Your printed umbrellas will definitely include images like your company logo and other relevant texts. To give the umbrella manufacturer an easy time getting the work done, make sure that you provide the clearest and crispiest images possible so that the same can be transferred on your umbrella fabric. Confirm that the manufacturer has received everything in the expected form and make any changes if necessary.

  1. Confirm the colours

The last thing you want to do is end up with advertising umbrellas that are all in a different shade of colour that may not even match your brand. It is therefore of importance to confirm your colours as many times as possible. Send tangible colour samples if possible because computers have different contrasts and you can never be sure the manufacturer will receive your requirements in the exact shade. A good manufacturer will always want to make sure that everything is a match and will have good measures in place to make sure that you get the exact colours for your umbrellas and prints.

  1. Be clear with delivery dates and quantity

Some umbrella manufacturers have limits when it comes to the minimum number of umbrellas you can order in one batch. Make sure that your preferred number can be accommodated and delivered on time for your scheduled use. The last thing you want is a delay in delivery of your order to place your order as early as possible.

An umbrella factory that goes out of its way to deliver your exact requirements will always offer you a pleasant experience when ordering. Work with a manufacturer you can rely on completely for your custom umbrellas.