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Golf umbrellas

golf Umbrellas

Are you a golfer, a golf club, a retailer, corporate client or just someone in need of a superior quality umbrella, worth your salt? With our highly tested, certified, high quality and wind-proof golf umbrellas, we’ve got you covered. Our umbrellas are large enough to keep you and your entire golf arsenal dry.

Get yourself magnificent umbrellas with detailed features, leaving nothing to the imagination. There is no cause for alarm, no matter how adverse the weather condition is, golf umbrellas have been tested to withstand it. Perhaps we can even have custom made umbrellas for you in terms of prints, colors, logos and even animation.

When it comes to sizes and shapes, simply choose an umbrella size that will meet your individual needs. We have umbrella sizes ranging from 60-70 inches. These sizes are large enough for either two people or one individual. When not in use i.e when wrapped up, golf umbrellas can be able to fit in your golf bag with ease. The length of standard umbrellas varies from around 24-40 inches.

Most golf umbrellas are generally lightweight and you won’t have any problem carrying them around when you go out to golf. The shaft and the spreaders of our umbrellas are made from fiberglass to provide the required support while at the same time making them light. Fiberglass will also keep you safe from being struck by lightning, something we know you’ve never thought about.

The spreaders, on the other hand, are able to flex without any breakage. Despite being light, the shafts are durable and are able to resist breakage due to violent winds. This feature limits the number of times you keep on buying umbrellas, resulting from breakage and being flipped inside out by the wind.

The handles of the umbrellas are easy to grip and are also non-conductors in order to protect users from being struck by lightning, again. Some of the most commonly used materials to make handles include rubber, plastic, and wood. These ergonomic handles provide sufficient traction and override poor golf swing. Opening and closing is pretty simple. Some types are tailored to be automatically closed and opened while others rely purely on manual opening and closing.

Our umbrellas are able to resist high wind speeds and adverse weather situations, thanks to the double layer canopy design. It is a common scene for other inferior umbrellas to be flipped inside out, and this can be quite embarrassing to your recipient, whether it’s a client or a friend. To make our canopy, we mostly make good use of an exceptional micro-weave fabric and employ a Teflon based system to repel water making the umbrellas both water and windproof.

You may have already seen out their, golf umbrellas come in many different colors. Some are of one color, while others have multiple colors configured in an orderly sequence and pattern. We produce them that way so that you have a wide scope to choose from. Moreover, you have the liberty to ask for a custom-made umbrella. We can customize umbrellas for you, to have your company logo, your team logo, graphics color(s), animations and prints to your liking.

Why choose our golf umbrellas?

Our umbrellas have stylish designs, which you can use beyond the golf club. You can use them pretty much anywhere, whether to take cover from the scorching sun or a downpour. Away from that, it is also large enough for you and your golf bag to fit in or you and another person. Unlike most other smaller designs, your shoulders or shoes won’t be rained on when holding the umbrella for someone else.

The fact that you are given an opportunity to have custom-made umbrellas, is just another reason to put a smile on your face. Come up with any prints, pictures, animations or logo, and our team will deliver it just the way you asked. Well, our quality is top-notch, owing to the fact that our umbrellas have been tested against different natural conditions, thus meeting international standards. The features provided speak volumes about how amicable our products are. To sum it up, our umbrellas are durable, and you will not have to keep spending every now and then, on them, but rather spend on other things, you don’t have.

How to choose a golf umbrella

Golf umbrella
Golf umbrella

Irrespective of whether you are a professional golfer or one who plays the sport as a hobby, you would admit that a golf umbrella is one of the important accessories that you should carry to the court. When you choose the right umbrellas, you can enjoy your sport without the hindrance of climatic conditions. A good and broad umbrella protects you from the scorching rays of the sun and heavy downpour as well. How do you pick the right one? The following tips should help you to a great extent in this regard.

Surface area

One of the first things that you need to look out for a while buying a golf umbrella is its size. Get a piece with a wider canopy, so that it provides ultimate protection against sunlight, wind and rain. A double- canopy umbrella is considered to be a wise choice as it doesn’t cave in during high-pressure winds as well.


The next challenge in choosing a golf umbrella is to get the size right. 62” is considered to the most suitable choice for golfers across the world. This not only gives you maximum protection, but it also gives you space to accommodate another player as well. One of the highlights of this size is that it is quite commonly available across all the stores that sell golf accessories.


Most of the golf umbrellas are made from steel, wood or fibreglass. However, it is highly recommended that you choose the ones made from fibreglass because this material is not only lightweight but also durable. When you choose shafts made from a material, it gives you the much-needed stability against harsh climates.

Protection against UV rays

When you choose golf umbrellas, you should choose the one that comes with ultimate UV protection, so that you stay safe during the harsh rays of the sun. It is better to get an umbrella that comes with a UV protection factor of around 50+. This way, you can be assured of staying safe from the harmful rays of the sun. Give preference to umbrellas that come with a double coating as well, so that you are covered completely.


An important factor to focus on while choosing a golf umbrella is its grip. Choose a grip that is comfortable to hold even when you play for long hours at a stretch. Your fingers should be tight so that you don’t suffer from any pinching accidents while playing. Choose a grip that has a wide diameter for you to get the desired tightness levels.

These are some of the basic tips that you need to keep in mind while choosing golf umbrellas. There are other factors, which when focussed on, will provide you full value for your money. For example, you need to check the warranty period of the umbrellas and choose the one that gives you life- time warranty. This way, you can save a lot of money on repairs. If you want more comfort in handling, you can choose umbrellas that open automatically. This will leave your hands free to focus on your sport.

Huifeng Umbrella as one of professional golf umbrella manufacturers,  golf umbrella suppliers,  produced many golf umbrellas for famous brand and companies. Welcome to contact us for customized golf umbrellas.

Why choose promotional golf umbrellas as gift?

Promotional umbrellas
Promotional umbrellas

Promotional Golf Umbrellas are the most popular sized promotional umbrellas. There are various reasons for this with the obvious one being the use on a golf course so they are the ideal giveaway at any golf event. Perhaps less obvious is that they offer the largest print area of any personal promotional gift, giving any business a golden opportunity to promote their brand in a relatively inexpensive way.

All promotional umbrellas give phenomenal results in terms of brand impact and advertising awareness, but the success of the promotional golf umbrella is unsurpassed.

golf umbrella

The range of promotional golf umbrellas we have available contains the best available in terms of quality and price. The range caters for any type of event from a one off event in case of rain to a sponsored golf tournament where a company wants to giveaway their promotional golf umbrellas. The budget range is ideal for the one off event or for occasional use, and at the prices they are an amazing value advertising tool. The mid range gives a company the opportunity for a relatively small outlay to ensure that the umbrella with their logo and details on is used on a regular basis. This range of promotional umbrellas is a nice middle ground and is often the most cost effective way of taking advantage of the huge advertising opportunity that promotional golf umbrellas represent.


The top of the range storm proof promotional golf umbrellas are what statistically give the most value in terms of logo visibility over a long period of time. The obvious high quality means the user will use the umbrella all the time, meaning only one thing – more free advertising. The high quality puts your company in a good light and enhances your brand. This is why we only sell the very best storm proof promotional golf umbrellas. Not only that, but we will not be beaten on price on any of the models we sell.

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