Gift Umbrella In BRICS Summit 2017 Xiamen

Gift Umbrella In BRICS Summit
Gift Umbrella 2017Brics
The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) Summit, 2017, is currently on at Xiamen, China .

Within the framework of the BRICS Summit the business program was taken place in Shanghai and Xiamen (China).

Xiamen weather is mild and pleasant most of the year because the city has a subtropical monsoon climate. The rainy season is from May to June.

Huifeng Umbrella Co.,Ltd as over 30Years experience umbrella supplier, was invited to manufactur gift umbrellas for this meeting .

This umbrella with fresh design ,High grade workmanship , are preferd by participants.

gift umbrella
gift umbrella
gift umbrella
gift umbrella

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Why choose promotional golf umbrellas as gift?

Promotional umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas

Promotional Golf Umbrellas are the most popular sized promotional umbrellas. There are various reasons for this with the obvious one being the use on a golf course so they are the ideal giveaway at any golf event. Perhaps less obvious is that they offer the largest print area of any personal promotional gift, giving any business a golden opportunity to promote their brand in a relatively inexpensive way.

All promotional umbrellas give phenomenal results in terms of brand impact and advertising awareness, but the success of the promotional golf umbrella is unsurpassed.

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The range of promotional golf umbrellas we have available contains the best available in terms of quality and price. The range caters for any type of event from a one off event in case of rain to a sponsored golf tournament where a company wants to giveaway their promotional golf umbrellas. The budget range is ideal for the one off event or for occasional use, and at the prices they are an amazing value advertising tool. The mid range gives a company the opportunity for a relatively small outlay to ensure that the umbrella with their logo and details on is used on a regular basis. This range of promotional umbrellas is a nice middle ground and is often the most cost effective way of taking advantage of the huge advertising opportunity that promotional golf umbrellas represent.


The top of the range storm proof promotional golf umbrellas are what statistically give the most value in terms of logo visibility over a long period of time. The obvious high quality means the user will use the umbrella all the time, meaning only one thing – more free advertising. The high quality puts your company in a good light and enhances your brand. This is why we only sell the very best storm proof promotional golf umbrellas. Not only that, but we will not be beaten on price on any of the models we sell.

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