Stylish Fashion Umbrellas

March 25, 2018

Why you need stylish fashion umbrellas? Did you know that you can use your stylish umbrella to make a fashion statement? This is possible if you get a stylish fashion umbrella. But what are stylish fashion umbrellas? These are umbrellas designed to have fashionable looks and appeal. Even with their unique, delicate looking designs, they can […]

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Custom Printed Fashion Design Middle Finger Umbrella

Fashion Umbrella – Keep Your Umbrella In Good Shape And Condition

January 27, 2017

Simple Ways Of Keeping Your Fashion Umbrella In Good Shape And Condition Fashion umbrellas can come in all kinds of features to make them unique and stunning. If you really care about looking stylish and fashionable even when it rains, then these are the umbrellas you should consider going for. They are not only designed […]

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How Do You Select A Fashion Umbrella?

January 15, 2017

How Do You Select A Fashion Umbrella? Umbrellas are so much more than just protective accessories today. They have become accessories to make fashion statements and for this reason many umbrella manufacturers and suppliers offer fashion umbrellas that are designed solely to add style to your look. They are the most suitable for individuals with […]

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Enjoy the Rainy Days with Fashion Umbrellas

January 7, 2017

Fashion umbrellas will make you love the rainy days! Their vivid and colorful designs can brighten up your gloomy day. Instead of staying at home, you would love to go out and be a head turner with your chic umbrella. So with different umbrella designs, how can you know if an umbrella can be considered […]

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fashion umbrella

Be the center of attention with your fashion umbrella

November 30, 2016

Fashion umbrella -Be the center of attention with your fashion umbrella Fashion umbrellas are obviously one of your most important accessories. Its history is interesting and unique. Do you know that during the 19th century, English nobility made a strange demand about umbrellas? They ruled that the contraption be held in the middle of their […]

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Tips for Umbrella Maintenance

Tips for Umbrella Maintenance

August 1, 2016

Do’s and Don’ts: Don’t fold the umbrella when it is wet. Open the umbrella, dry the rips and the panels inside and outside, hang the umbrella upside down in a ventilated place. Close and unfold the umbrella after it is dry. Shake up the panels and straighten out the ribs before the umbrella is opened. […]

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Why most famous life style brands sell Umbrellas as a Fashion Accessory?

July 4, 2016

Umbrellas aren’t just a tool used for keeping yourself dry in rainy weather. They have been in use for thousands of years, and its origins date back to Egypt circa 1000 B.C. The accessory is also quite trendy especially when used in conjunction with other items like a handbag, scarf,head gear.Fashion umbrellas can be carried under a […]

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