Custom Umbrella Printing: A Good Way To Advertise Your Business

Custom Umbrella Printing

Custom Umbrella Printing

Hit two birds at the same time with custom umbrellas printing to advertise your product or service; at the same time, be sheltered from the rain! In modern times, with competing products elbowing their way in market, all ads gimmick are used. On rainy or sunny days, umbrellas are the most needed accessories. People used them and they are seen all along the streets and with your ads.

Custom umbrellas printing are best for advertising display of your business or service. They attention-getters for possible customers and are extraordinary way in promoting products appropriate varied environments. A PVC base can be used to mount them or use sand or soft soil since many models include thumb locks allowing clients in adjusting angle and height of advertising umbrella.

Benefits of using umbrellas for ads

  • Inexpensive – Do not bore deep hole in your pockets.
  • Efficient – No hustle in promotion.
  • Flexible – Can be used in a variety of ways.
Custom Umbrella Printing

Custom Umbrella Printing

Things to remember while buying customized umbrellas for promotions

  • Customer type

In buying umbrella you intend to use for promotions, you have to consider many factors. Analyze the recipient’s needs. Are you promoting a school, a youth club or a group of young people? If so, you need bright colored fashionable items that youngsters love. While promoting a professional company or business, opt for dark and formal colored custom umbrellas. Give lots of thoughts to your audience to whom you will be handling these items. Find the best model that matches their needs. Select something your clients will be proud to display and use. This is the best way for you to catch your customers as often as possible and remind them about your product or services.

  • Features

Consider variety of features in custom umbrellas printing. Consider things like the ease in opening and closing, impact of the imprint area and the type of shaft material. Study some auto-open features that many users find attractive. Aluminum shaft custom umbrellas are portable and long-lasting, while shafts made of wood or fiberglass are ideal for stormy weather.

  • Discounts

Look for manufacturers that give good discounts when you place a big order. Mass promotion is always ordered in bulk and gets good deals and discounts.

  • Size and Type

It is easy to find various shapes and sizes to match the specific needs of your customers.

  • Weather Type

The weather of the city where you have your business is a good factor to consider in ordering custom umbrellas printing. Colored and small ones are wise choices in places where the sun shines during most of the year. For areas prone to gust and heavy rains, get the anti- wind variety. Your customers will be using your umbrellas of they are right for the weather.

Steps to customize umbrellas for ads

  1. Concept development – Submission of logo and other specifications for custom umbrellas printing ads.
  1. Creative designs – Several designs of ads submitted to client for selection.
  1. Printed samples – Before final printing, sample submitted to client for approval.
  1. Custom umbrellas are now ready to be given out to customers of client.

Custom umbrellas printing make a great choice for promoting a business. Umbrellas used among the best options to be used as vehicles for ads

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Factors in Ordering Custom Umbrellas

Factors in Ordering Custom Umbrellas

Custom umbrellas

Custom umbrellas

Want a unique umbrella? There are companies like Hui Feng Umbrella that can make custom umbrellas for you. Here are some things that you should consider in ordering custom umbrellas:

  • Size – In custom umbrellas, there are two sizes that you should consider: the measurement of canopy and shaft. The length of the shaft is usually determined by the size of the canopy. The canopy can be measured in terms of arc or diameter. The size of the canopy should be determined by what type of umbrella you want to make—kids, fashion, golf, patio, or just an ordinary umbrella for daily use. Each umbrella type has standard size range.
    Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

    Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

  • Materials – You need to choose the fabric for the canopy and the material for the shaft and handle of your custom umbrellas. For the canopy, you can select from a wide range of fabrics such as cotton, leather, silk, nylon, or microfiber. For the shaft and handle, you can choose wood, metal, plastic, or fiberglass. Choose the materials wisely based on your needs. If you want a more durable umbrella, use metal instead of wood. Just make sure that the metal is stainless so it would not have rusts when the custom umbrella gets wet.
  • Design – When you choose the materials for your custom umbrellas, you can already select a fabric that has designs. However, if you want a unique design, you can just choose a plain colors fabric then print your design on it. This is fit for companies who want to put logos on their custom umbrellas for promotional activities.

Aside from the basic requirements mentioned above, there are other factors that you should consider. These factors usually require you to choose between two options:

  • Stick or Folded – You need stick umbrellas if you want a big canopy size. These umbrellas are really useful during heavy rains. They can also be used as canes and as a tool for self-defense. Meanwhile, if you want an umbrella that would fit your bag, buy the folded one. This is easier to bring anytime, anywhere.
  • Manual or Automatic – Manual umbrellas require you to push and pull in order to open and close the umbrella. Meanwhile, automatic umbrellas open and close at the touch of a button. Stick umbrellas are usually manual, but there are also automatic ones. The choice between manual and automatic is completely based on your preference.
  • Single or Double Canopy – Most of us use single canopy umbrellas, but if you want an umbrella that would not be blown away or turned upside down with heavy rain and winds, the double canopy would be perfect for you.
  • Regular or Inverted – Lately, there has been a trend of creating and using inverted umbrellas because they keep you dry even when going out of a car or leaving the building. Though it is still not mainstream, you can order customized inverted umbrellas from factories.

Lastly, consider how the manufacturer can make the umbrella windproof and UV protected. There are a variety of ways to make your umbrella windproof and different levels of UV protection to choose from. Ask the umbrella manufacturer for the available options.

Why You Should Consider Custom Umbrellas For Your Brand Promotion

Promotional umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas

As a business, to remain relevant to your target markets, you need to constantly remind them of your existence or you lose out to the competition. Even the most popular brands still come up with marketing strategies to keep up with the markets and the competition. Promotional items are some of the best you can use to make an impression on your customers and potential customers. There are so many items you can choose for this, but custom umbrellas seem to be some of the best that you can choose. But why is this the case?

They are age appropriate – Umbrellas are appealing both to the young and older people compared to items such as key holders that could end up being boring for children or Frisbee’s that may never prove useful to an adult. An umbrella can be used by all and you have a huge range to choose from so you are able to match them with the right target group, making them even more appropriate for the marketing strategy.

The umbrellas are useful and functional – They come in handy during the wet season and some even use them to enjoy protection from the hot sun. You can therefore be sure that at some point the umbrellas will be used by the customers and your brand will enjoy the kind of exposure you intended for it when you designed the umbrellas. Most people have more than one umbrella and hence getting an additional one always proves worthwhile for when the need to use arises.

They promotional umbrellas have higher value – People are willing to spend a considerable amount on a quality umbrella that will serve their needs for a good length of time. When you give the custom umbrellas, you will have very happy and excited interested customers coming your way. If you are offering at an event, you will find your booth attracting more people compared to those giving away the usual pens and magnets. This is because umbrellas have a higher perceived value and they stand out and make your brand stand out too.

They remain quite visible – This is one of the best advantages of using promotional umbrellas. Unlike other items that are small and require close contact for them to be seen, an umbrella will display its contents as soon as it is opened and depending on the size of the umbrellas and the size of the prints, it can be seen from a distance. You can of course make the umbrellas big and colorful to make them stand out, but select colors that still remain relevant to your brand. They remain up there when in use and are rarely covered hence offer the best visibility compared to T-shirts and other items that can easily be hidden from sight.

Custom umbrellas

Custom umbrellas

There are so many styles and types you can choose from when choosing custom umbrellas for your marketing strategy. Put your target market first to end up with umbrellas that serve your objectives successfully.

A custom umbrella is bound to do your business more good compared to other promotional items. You only need to make the right decisions with the design and your umbrella factory can help you get the best with that.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Custom Umbrellas For Promotion

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Custom Umbrellas For Promotion

Custom umbrellas have become a powerful and highly popular promotional items for many businesses. It has become very easy to get these personalized items to market your brand identity. Whether you are on a look out for wholesale rain umbrellas, custom printed or specialized ones, there are many manufacturers to meet your needs and requirements at an affordable cost.

Golf umbrella

Golf umbrella

Custom umbrellas offer a large imprint area and come with a range of fabulous choices. Their cost-effectiveness coupled with utility all round the year have made them hugely popular among the marketers. You can find hundreds of designs and patterns in the market and choosing the right one is very important to market your business and attract customers. Here are some important things to keep in mind while buying them:

Golf umbrella

Golf umbrella

Type of Customers– When you are buying a custom umbrella for promotional needs, it is very important to consider the needs of the recipients. If you are promoting a school, college or youth club, go for bright colored fashionable items, which will be loved by youngsters. You should opt for dark and formal colored, custom umbrellas while promoting a professional company or business. Thinking about the audience to whom you will be handling these items will help you in finding the best model matching their needs. Select something which will travel with your customers as often as possible and remind them about your product or services.

Features– Custom umbrellas come with a variety of features. Consider things like the way it opens, imprint area and the shaft material. Some of these items come with an auto-open feature which many people find attractive. Custom umbrellas with aluminum shafts are lightweight and durable, while wood and fiberglass shafts are good to be used during a storm.

Discounts– Manufacturers offer good discounts when you place a big order. Businesses looking for mass promotion can order these in bulk and get good deals and discounts.

Size and Type– You can find these in various shapes and sizes to match the specific needs of your customers.

Weather Type– Consider the weather of the city your business operates in while making a choice. If the weather remains sunny and warm during most of the year, colored of mini ones will make a good choice. Anti-wind ones will be the best for areas prone to gust and rains. Choosing weather appropriate items will make sure that your customers use them regularly.

Custom umbrellas make a great choice for promoting a business.

Buying a custom umbrella directly from an umbrella factory can help you in getting good discounts. Visit our website for more information.