bamboo umbrella


    16K Walking Stick Bamboo Umbrella With Crook Handle

    Huifeng Hand Made Bamboo Crook Handle Umbrella 16K Walking Stick Umbrella

    Bamboo Umbrella
    Bamboo Umbrella

    Why many  brands would like choose Huifeng as their key supplier?

    What makes Huifeng umbrella a great umbrella? There is really no magic about it – it is merely patient attention to detail. Pick up a Huifeng umbrella and you will immediately sense that it is a different kind of umbrella. With its sturdy frame construction and exquisite design, our Huifeng umbrella is the perfect combination of durability and metropolitan style.

    Bamboo Button
    Bamboo Button

    This design also comes with a 100% handmade natural cane (bamboo) crook handle. It’s guaranteed to instantly make you look more capable, more gentlemanly, and, like a fine watch, will serve you stylishly, as long as you don’t leave it on the bus.

    Main Features:

    Bamboo Endcup
    Bamboo Endcup

    ☑Revolutionary construction designed to battle the elements: unique thickened premium fiberglass wind-resistant frame system, offering great durability.

    ☑Superior ultra-soft & ultra-lightweight 190T high-density water repellent fabric keeps you dry and protected from the rain. It is the finest fabric ever used in any umbrella and dries very quickly.

    ☑Opens easily at the press of a button.

    ☑Approximate weight: 390g

    ☑Approximate 85cm long when closed.

    ☑Approximate 105cm


    Huifeng  Making Proper OEM Umbrellas for your brands!