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Quality Umbrella Manufacturer In China

Get Factory Price Start From 25pcs

As an expert manufacturer, Hfumbrella offers high-quality Custom umbrellas all over the world.

Thousands of global brands trust us and working for many years.



Lower MOQ, More Flexibility.

Start from only 25pcs

30+ Years Experience

Hfumbrella thrives on manufacturing superior quality and customized umbrellas for 30+ years.

Delivery with Door-2-Door

Your strict deadline is ours and we’ll work with you to ensure swift and accurate delivery through our global distribution service.

Branded Umbrellas

Why Should Choose US?

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Quality Guarantee

Our umbrellas all have a 2-year quality guarantee that they won’t let you down.


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Years Of Experience

With more than 30 years of experience in the UMBRELLA merchandise industry, we know what we’re doing.


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Door-2-Door Service

We can ship to multiple addresses and anywhere in the world with a Door-2-Door service


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Design Options

A huge range of print methods and design options including Pantone matching, and attention to detail is imperative to your brand and our reputation.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does your company specialize in?

    We specialize in custom printing umbrellas using digital printing and screen printing technology. With our quality and competitive price guarantee, we’ve earned our highly regarded reputation in the EU, UK, USA, and South American market.

    Do you manufacture your own products? How long have you been in this business?

    Yes, Hfumbrella was founded in 1987 in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, as a manufacturer of umbrellas. Over the past three decades, we’ve grown from a regional manufacturer into a global umbrella exporter as well as an umbrella solutions supplier. You can learn more about our history by visiting

    Where is your factory located?

    We have three factories (one digital printing umbrella factory and two sewing factories)all of which are located in or near Guangzhou City.

    Can I come to your factory?

    Absolutely! Our factory is always open for visitation and we are happy to discuss business face-to-face.

    What is your largest market?

    We service clients all of the world. However, our largest customer bases are located in South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

    Why should we choose you over other umbrella manufacturers?

    We’ve been in business for three decades and we have a reputation for satisfying our clients. Many of our clients are even willing to testify to the quality work that we deliver.

    What do you think is your most significant advantage?

    Hfumbrella is the only umbrella manufacturer that owns 10 sets of printing machines. We don’t require a minimum order which is helpful to small businesses. Further, our door-to-door service can save buyers a lot of time and money.

    What is your pricing strategy?

    Economy Pricing. With this strategy, we minimize the costs associated with marketing and production to keep product prices down. We transfer our cost of business savings onto our customers.

    What is the production capacity of your umbrella factory per month?

    We can manufacture over 200,000 umbrellas per month.

    Does your factory have holidays?

    We have two major holidays; The Chinese New Year which fluctuates in dates from year to year and usually is in late January or February for 10-14days. Second, National Holiday which lasts from October 1st to 7th.

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