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Is it possible to sell umbrellas in Africa? Umbrella Wholesaler Africa

You should know more about Africa

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Most manufacturers do not consider Africa a viable business destination due to economic factors. Ranked among the worlds poorest continents, most manufactures naturally assume that it is not possible to do profitable business in Africa. However, a close analysis of the African Market shows different prospects.

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Leading umbrella wholesaler Africa

According to Huifeng Umbrella Co. Ltd, the leading umbrella wholesaler Africa, there is a lot of untapped potential in this continent. Africa has a population of 1.2 billion people. The largest percentage of the African population is the young- between the age of 15 to 4o years. Umbrellas are used for various purposes
in this part of the world. Here is a breakdown of umbrella uses in Africa and why it is a viable umbrella market.

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The Use Of Hand Held Umbrellas

There is no any cultural significance to the use of hand-held umbrellas in Africa. However, there is a critical need to use hand-held umbrellas. Africa is located in the equatorial and subtropical regions. This means that most African countries receive both Rain and sunshine in enormous measure.

The use of Umbrellas in Africa to shield against rain is prevalent. This is especially true in urban settings. According to The McKinsey Global Institute, more than 50% of Africans live in urban centers. If your target is to supply umbrellas to African Urban centers, you are targeting a potential market of up to 1.2 billion people. However, this does not mean that umbrellas are not used in rural areas.

Secondly, the African continent is also home to large hot deserts. There are desert countries such as Egypt-Which has a per capita income of $10550. This makes it a very viable economy to do business in the umbrella sector. People who live in deserts mostly rely on handheld umbrellas to provide shade during the day or to protect their babies from the sun rays.

Erecting UmbrellasWhen it comes to erecting umbrellas Africa boasts one of the largest markets in the world. Erected umbrellas are used for various purposes in Africa:

i) Informal Business
The African economy almost entirely rides on informal businesses. In urban cities, there are many informal markets where most sellers simply use an erected umbrella to set up a selling point. The use of erected umbrellas in marketplaces is spread all over Africa; from Lagos to Nairobi to Johannesburg. There is no place in Africa where umbrellas are not erected to provide a selling point.

ii) Formal business
While Africa is largely run by informal business, there is a huge need for umbrellas in the formal sector. Companies use custom umbrellas when showcasing their products at events and other purposes.
The, most important formal use of erected umbrellas in Africa is tourism. Africa offers a warm climate to tourists from around the globe.

Africa receives over 30 million tourists each year most of whom end up at a beach somewhere. Breach resorts and restaurants erect umbrellas for their guests to help shield from the scorching sun. With such a large number of tourists, there is no doubt that there is an imminent need to supply umbrellas to Africa.

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Understanding The African Market
There is no specific data on Umbrella manufacturing in Africa, however, there is general data on manufacturing. Manufacturing in most Africa countries is still at a baby stage. Most African countries rely on importing finished products from China, US, UK, Japan and other countries. Huifeng Umbrella Co. Ltd is the leading umbrella manufacturer in Guangzhou, China and umbrella wholesaler Africa. Even though there are a few Umbrella manufacturing firms in Africa, there is still a need for imported umbrellas.

umbrella Uganda

The African market is not the same as the European or the American market. In 2017, the giant mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple experienced a slow down in customer growth. This was largely attributed to the high price of the products they produce.

On the other hand, economy smartphone produces continue to grow their market in Africa, South America, and Asia. The main take away is that when you are supplying products to Africa consider the price. While producing quality products is important, you need to offer affordable prices and that is what Umbrella Co. Ltd does.

umbrella Nigeria

If you were wondering if it is possible to sell umbrellas in Africa, there you have your answer. Huifeng Umbrella Co. Ltd.  is the leading umbrella wholesaler Africa. They provide umbrellas for both companies and wholesalers who wish to supply them to Africa. You can get in touch with Huifeng Umbrella Co.Ltd. at

Environmental umbrella dryer in Seoul instead of disposable plastics

umbrella dryers

Most South Korea citizen usually puts a plastic bag on the dripping umbrella when enters subway stations and houses.  But from May 1 this year,  plastic bags won’t be placed at Seoul City subway station and public office. Umbrella dryers or special water carpet will be officially unveiled.

City officials in Seoul say recycling of waste plastic has recently become a social problem.  The city government will first “lead by example” and reduce the use of disposable plastics.

The Seoul government building has installed umbrella dryers at the door since September last year. Approximately 300,000 umbrella covers are used at the Seoul public buildings every year. Most of the covers are wet when they’re disposed of, which makes them difficult to recycle, with many ending up in landfills or incinerated.f 300, 000 plastic umbrellas.

Most of the used umbrella bags cannot be recycled because of the existence of Rain Water, and most of them are discarded in metering garbage bags.

10 Best corporate umbrellas with your logo

Regardless of the kind of organization you’re in,  corporate umbrellas imprinted with your corporate logo will keep your company and services ringing in your clients’minds. Having a branded umbrella serves as a win-win situation. You get to keep your clients dry in the soggy weather as they remember who you are.

Additionally, it reinforces your brand awareness and message in a highly impactful manner. Keep the raindrops and run away with our branded corporate umbrellas.

Here are the 10 best corporate umbrellas with your logo


Automatic double canopy umbrllas

The auto open close double canopy umbrella serves as the perfect accessory that protects you from the different weather elements. Whether the rain sun or wind, this umbrella will keep you sheltered.

This umbrella is adequately equipped with the auto-open function that opens it quickly by just a touch of a button. It features a double canopy structure that ensures venting of strong gusts of wind. This design prevents the umbrella from turning inside out.

Its sturdy construction offers a windproof effect that enables it to have extra flexibility and strength during any blustering days. The PGA umbrella is ideal for corporate promotions owing to its professional design.

2. Super large 68 Inch promotional umbrella

Extra large Umbrella

Large umbrellas are the perfect choice to keep you the driest. Owing to its classic British gentleman design, our68-inch large umbrella offers elegance and class during the extreme rainy days.

It is designed an aluminum frame making it lightweight and windproof. Owing to its auto open function, this umbrella launches easily by the touch of a button.

As an organization, you can transform this piece of art and excellence into a moving advertisement. It serves as a perfect way to promote your business and services

3.Wooden stick  Hotel Umbrella For Promotional Gifts

Hotel Umbrellas

Our custom hotel umbrella comes in a tradition executive design that features a 46” canopy. Additionally, it comes with an automatic push button, real wooden tips, traditional curved wooden handle and a genuine wooden shaft.

Its frame system is sturdy to offer an extended product life and added durability. Besides, its high-density canopy is highly repellent to any water absorption. Owing to its high-quality design and stitching, the custom hotel umbrella can be utilized as a corporate advertisement

4.Ultra Light Mini Creative Gift Capsule Umbrella

Capsule Umbrella

Are you looking for a portable, durable, lightweight and stylish umbrella all the time?

The pocket umbrella is just the latest masterpiece you have been looking for. It’s specially designed for women. The ultralight weight and extremely compact size make your purse fall in love with it. The high-tech coating prevents 95% of UV, which makes your sexy and healthy skin fall in love with it, too.

The fashionable design with colorized edge fits your sexy clothes well. The durable aluminum alloy and flexible fiberglass ribs help you get rid of the fear of strong wind.

5.Latest Invention Double Layer Auto Open Inverted Umbrella

Red Double Layer Inverted Umbrella
Red Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

Have you ever encountered such a problem in rainy days?
When you jump on a crowded train after escaping a downpour your dripping wet umbrella usually brushes up against your bag, your clothes or -even worse- a stranger. But by inverting the design, the wet side of the umbrella faces inward when closed, exposing
only the dry side. And that’s not all: the creative design makes it easier to open when coming out of a car or other covered area, and when not in use the umbrella can stand up on its own!

Double layer Inverted umbrella
Unique design double layer inside out an umbrella, make it easy for you on raining day, won’t wet your car, documents or others. Advanced double layer ribs made the inverted umbrella more sturdy.


designer umbrella (4)
The full print umbrella is the perfect high-end gift for creating brand awareness. This, in turn, offers a significant long-term promotional gift. Clients can efficiently utilize it for major sporting events, social occasions or product launches that build on your corporate image and identity.

7.Transparent Bubble Umbrella 

  • Transparen umbrella
    Transparent umbrella

    WALKING IN STYLE: Be an eye-catcher with this elegant transparent bubble umbrella to enjoy your raining days. Keeping you nicely shielded from the rain.

  • TRANSPARENT: Made of transparent water-proof EVA plastic, it allows you to see in all directions around you and matches any of your outfits. Matching with the colored polyester edge better reveals your nobility. Put on your favorite clothes and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way when traveling.

8.Wooden Handle Automatic Umbrella

Wooden handle umbrella (6)

This 54in large wooden handle umbrella with its vented Double Canopy construction. Allows the wind to pass through the vents preventing it from flipping over or turning inside out. Moreover, our premium Fiberglass and stainless steel frame system cries out NO rust, NO breaking.

Despite being able to protect at least 2 people (54in), this extra large umbrella doesn’t sacrifice portability. It folds to only 15.25in and it’s much lighter (only 1.3lb) than other golf umbrellas with a similarly sized canopy. Take it while walking the dog, watching your favorite sports, or pick up your school children.

9: Classic Promotional Aluminium Umbrella

first,  It is a  classic,  British Gentleman Style large umbrella. You will be more elegant when standing in the rainy days. The frame material is aluminum, it is windproof and light weight.

Second, with its auto open function, you only need to press the button and wait the umbrella opens in less than a second, which helps that there will be no delay to your comfort.

Third, Solid shaft and 8 durable ribs make the umbrella stand firm in a heavy rain and strong wind.  27 Inch-sized umbrella canopy is large enough to provide full protection for two people from any weather condition.

10: LED Light Rain Umbrella


In the pre-apocalyptic future, the air will be so thick, it will be dark in the middle of the day. Coupled with the almost constant rain, you’ll need to find a way to stay dry and light your way to the noodle shop down the street.

Even if you don’t live in a quasi-futuristic Los Angeles and you aren’t a Blade Runner, you can still have the coolest umbrella on the street. With a push of a button, the shaft lights up, illuminating you and your path. Now, even in the darkest of nights, you’re a lot more visible to the cars on the street, making your long walk home through the rain a lot safer.


You should know everything of Teflon

Most people are unfamiliar with the terms Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE. But when you bring up the name Teflon you start seeing a look of understanding on their faces. Polytetrafluoroethylene is the technical and chemical name of this famous material while Teflon is its brand name. Teflon is manufactured by  DuPont and it was discovered in the late 1930s by Dr. Roy Plunkett who worked for DuPont. Teflon is highly versatile and is used in a wide range of industries that include the food and drink industry, aerospace, telecoms, and pharmaceuticals.

Main Properties of Teflon
If you were a researcher hoping to come up with a material that’s chemically resistant, highly flexible, thermally and electrically resistant, and non-sticky you would be hoping to invent a material that’s nearly as good as Teflon in all these areas.

Polytetrafluoroethylene melting point is approximately 327C. What’s more, pure PTFE is thermally stable enough to withstand temperatures of between -200 to 200 degrees Celsius without showing any signs of degrading. Pure Teflon is also extremely insoluble in most chemicals and solvents making it almost
chemically inert.

Another crucial property of PTFE is its impressive flexural strength, particularly in low temperatures. It has a low friction coefficient, high  resistance to water due to fluorine’s considerable electronegativity and dielectric strength. Teflon’s density stands at around 2200 kg/m3. The only factor that
should be taken into consideration while using Polytetrafluoroethylene is its low resistance to high energy radiation levels which cause PTFE molecules to break down.

Advantages of Using Teflon
Teflon is one of the most used materials in the manufacture of cooking utensils and products. PTFE creates a slippery surface making it a perfect fit for cooking materials. Numerous brands sell lines of cookware that are glazed with Teflon to prevent food from sticking to the pans and pots. This greatly reduces the need
for cooking oil since these pans and pots are already non-sticky.

Industrial Use
The most defining advantage of Teflon is its flexibility and wide array of applications in different industries. Teflon has immense benefits in engineering and manufacturing, its not just used in making liners or tubes for handling strong and corrosive chemicals but its also used as a coating material for screws and bearings thus increasing their lifetime. PTFE achieves this since a Teflon coated screw will be impervious to rust, this is due to the Polytetrafluoroethylene
ability to repel water as mentioned above. The screw will also be easy to drive in due to the reduced friction offered by PTFE coating.

All these benefits result in less wear and tear on both the screw and surface and the finish is more secure and long-lasting. This, in the long run, means companies and individuals that use Teflon coated products achieve high degrees of high performance and efficiency. Furthermore, the need to repetitively look for replacement parts is reduced significantly hence saving time and money needed to buy and fit the replacements.

Automotive Industry
The most known use of Teflon in the car industry is the manufacture of windshield wiper blades. The blades are coated with Teflon resulting in a smooth surface that enables them to glide smoothly across your windscreen during a rainy day. Hair Styling Tools Curling irons and hair straighteners emit high temperatures when used. As a result, they are layered with PTFE to remain functional after use.

Fabric and Carpet protection
For those who do not like cleaning their fabrics repetitively, there are fabrics out there that are layered with Polytetrafluoroethylene making it for stains to stick on them.


Nail Polish
The smooth surfaces that do not crack are often achieved through the use of Teflon.

Interesting Uses of Teflon
You might not know it but Teflon also has medical uses. It is used as a glaze on catheters to prevent infections and bacteria. It’s also used as a graft material during surgeries.
Lastly, PTFE is used to stop meddling insects from climbing your walls. Since Teflon is naturally non-stick even geckos cannot grip to it.

Cons of Using Teflon
In spite of its multilayered coating, Teflon can be scratched off very easily if one uses a sharp plastic or metal utensil against it. Wooden spoons and spatula are instead recommended to preserve the surface and hinder it from been destroyed. Also when scratched off, flakes of Teflon can be ingested with the meal,
however, there is no need to worry since Teflon is approved by the FDA which means ingesting it in minimal amounts doesn’t have any dire consequences.

When cookware layered with PTFE is preheated or overheated without any food in it toxic fumes are released. These toxic fumes cause nausea in humans and can be deadly to birds that are in close proximity. Preheating an empty Teflon pan or pot is therefore not recommended and it is best to keep the temperatures
under control to prevent toxic emissions.

Lastly, due to Teflon’s low elasticity, it has a propensity to lose shape slowly over time. To counter this, Belleville washers are used.
Due to the vast amount of uses we have for Teflon now, it is hard to imagine where the world would be right now without its invention. We probably would not be able to do much of what we are able to do right now. We use Teflon almost daily and as a result, we should all express thanks to the memory of Dr. Plunkett who came up with this amazing invention. It is very likely when he first developed Polytetrafluoroethylene he did not have an idea of how important it would be in our day to day lives.

A complete guide to importing umbrellas from China

Whether you import that transparent, golf umbrellas , logo umbrellas or  brand custom-made umbrellas in wholesale.  China is a great place to get them. This is because not only do you get the best rates for wholesale, but you are also certain about the quality of the product that you purchases provided you have carried out enough investigation on the type of umbrella that you need.

Before making a move to import umbrellas , it is important to carry your own background research especially if you do not know any supplier or if you have never interacted with anyone from China. In fact, you do not need to know a supplier for you to import umbrellas from China.

You, also need to understand things like the material used to make the umbrella, the type of umbrella, whether it’s a table, rain or just an umbrella to block the UV rays. Also, you will need to understand the terms that your supplier operates on, the shipping process and how to sort any challenges that may arise after you have made your purchases.

Here are some important tips to guide you when importing umbrellas from China.

1: Selecting your products

Before proceeding to search for your umbrella, it is important to be certain of the type of productVarious Types of Umbrellas you have depending on your demand for the particular reason why you need them. Having the niche in mind is not enough since there is a myriad of umbrellas to choose from.

Umbrellas are made from different materials Pongee Fabric: Uses and Advantages and these include ; oilpaper, nylon, silk, cotton and plastic. Depending on your demand and, you will need to settle on one. Umbrella Shaft KnowledgeAlso, you need to understand more about the design of the umbrellas.

If in case you are planning to buy and resale them, you can take a variety of colors. If you are making purchases on customized umbrellas, especially table umbrellas, it is vital to get the information right. Always make sure that you have given your supplier your perfect design.

2.Selecting your suitable supplier   

Once you are certain about the type of umbrella that you want, the next step is to settle on a particular supplier. If it is your first time dealing with suppliers from China, you need to come up with ablest of suppliers that have a common product or who can make the product for you.TIPS ON HOW TO CHOOSE A RELIABLE UMBRELLA SUPPLIER Always make sure that you are choosing a supplier with whom you can start a long-term relationship with.

You can either use a search engine to search for people who sell the same product that you want.     The best way to select the best supplier for the particular type of umbrella is by using the business to a business platform with the main one being Alibaba. In these platforms, there are always policies that guide the people on how they should make purchases or even file claims in case something has gone wrong. Also, when planning to get your umbrellas in bulk, it is better to consider working with manufacturers.

3: Umbrella Manufacturing Process

umbrella manufacturing process

  • Large Cut:

Cutting the suitable size of fabric is the very beginning process which is called “Large Cut”, sometimes call “First Cut.” Use of machine or hand-cutting to cut fabric in rectangle shape from pile of fabric.  This process is the pre-stage for second cut.

  • Small Cut:

This process call “Small cut”, sometimes call “Second Cut”. The purpose is cut the fabric from rectangle shape into triangle shape.  Use wood to make a triangle shape of flame as a mold. Place the mold on the rectangle fabric and hand-cutting the fabric in triangle shape.  The triangle shape of fabric is call gores which is the panel of the umbrella.

  • Printing:

In this case, we use silkscreen printing as an example (For detail, please go to “Printing Method” section). Place the gores on a long table.  Then put the wooden flame on each gore and printing the graphic on the fabric.

  • Canopy Assembly:

After the printed gores are ready.  The next process is canopy assembly.  In normal umbrella, we sew 8 pieces of gores by sewing machine to make the canopy.

  • Umbrella Tip install:

Tip is a pieces of metal or plastic stick at the end of each ribs to stable the canopy with the ribs.  In this process,  we use a special sewing machine to sew the tips on the fabric.  The number of installed tips is same as number of ribs.

  • Join the frame and canopy:

The next process is sew the canopy with each ribs. This process can not use machine,  it is totally hand-assembly.

  • Handle install:

There are several method to install the handle with the shaft such as screwed on, heat up shaft or glue to secure the handle.

Quality checking:

Quality Control is the most important area on each process. Therefore we appointed QC staff in each production line in each process.  After all assemble and production process finished, all the umbrella will send to the quality control department to have the final quality checking process before packaging.


All umbrellas which passed the QC test will send to the packaging department to pack into the carton.  Normally, there are 5 inner cartons in each outer carton.  Each inner carton contains 60 pieces of umbrellas.

umbrella packing

4:  Umbrella Manufacturing Process : Taking Care Of Quality

Umbrella Inspection

Quality control is an important part of the manufacture of umbrellas because there are so many things that can go wrong with an umbrella. After having bought an umbrella, it is most frustrating when it does not work and it is most likely that you have been saddled with a non working umbrella for the year.

Pre production samples are manufactured first for approval by the quality control team. Only after approval is the full production of an order undertaken. Once production starts, in line inspection is continued by the quality control team on a daily basis. Just before the final stages of production another round of pre final inspection is carried out by the same quality control team. This also involves the checking of the packaging material, assortments of packing, shipping marks, etc. Once this is over, final production and inspection take place, passing which the umbrellas are ready to be shipped.

5: Shipping

If you have forwarder agent in China , you can ask the supplier to deliver goods to them . Otherwise , you can use the forwarder which supplier recommend. But be sure that you should compare the shipping cost and use the right shipping way .

6.Common complications   

There are a number of complications that can arise either before you import your umbrellas or after. You may notice that after your goods have reached you, some of them are broken or damaged. If you were not keen on the product details, then you might end up running on a loss. The buyer-seller agreement is very critical. In some cases, the buyer might decide to use logos of companies that have not given permission by the original manufactures.

7: Faulty goods return 

You need to ensure that you have a method of solving disputes or sending returns in case the wrong products are sent to you. The best way we are doing is ask the supplier to send inspection videos with photos before shipping .

If the issue is with the supplier, then the supplier will have return policies. Most importantly, always select suppliers for your umbrellas from the type of suppliers that you can manage. Choose suppliers who have good reviews online, and those that you laws keep in touch or even ask how you are faring after the purchase.

8.Bottom line 

Importing umbrellas from China is not an easy task as it may seem especially if it is your first time you do not want to get conned of your hard earned money. You carefully have to follow the above processes to ensure that you are not on the wrong. Also, ensure that you use a common and reliable payment method.

Should you have any questions when importing umbrellas from China, pls contact  Justin( ★E-mail:[email protected] ★What’s app:8613527750521): freely.