Huifeng Custom Umbrellas “Opens” a New World over Your Head

In the eyes of many, umbrella is probably nothing but a tool that provides shade or keeps out rain and snow. However, for Huifeng Umbrella, the dazzling custom umbrellas are not only traditional articles of daily use, but they also reflect personality.

promotional golf umbrella
The custom-made inner layer of the umbrella unfolds a picture that speaks for individuality and creativity.

Various types of “personalized umbrellas” can be found everywhere in the exhibition hall of Huifeng Umbrella.

Custom Umbrella Printing

“This inverted umbrella is different from other ones. It closes in reverse.” said Justin as he grabbed a seemingly ordinary umbrella from the table and pressed the button on the handle. In an instant, the umbrella folded in the opposite direction.

According to Justin, design of the umbrella was inspired in a rainy day. “I got in the car, with a dripping wet umbrella in my hand. At that moment, I wondered why I had to always close the umbrella before entering the car. I already got wet from the rain as I tried to fold the umbrella.

Besides, the umbrella would, as likely as not, wet my clothes and other objects in the car after I got in.” Justin showed the umbrella again and said: “Look, press this button and the umbrella automatically closes in the reverse direction. The rainwater on the umbrella cover is trapped on the inside. This stops rainwater from dropping and saves people from embarrassment.”


As observed by the journalist, the reverse-folding umbrella has two layers in total, with a 20cm-thick interlayer. The inner layer surface is evenly distributed with several round holes. “During development, we found that the inner layer of the umbrella creased very easily. Afterwards, we put round holes there, which not only reduced resistance during folding but also facilitated ventilation and heat dissipation under the umbrella.” explained Justin. It took a whole year for him to design and produce this reverse-folding umbrella.


In the past, graphic patterns were commonly seen on the outer surfaces of umbrellas. However, on the personalized umbrella designed by Justin, the patterns, be them portrait photos, animal icons or landscape pictures, are all printed on inner layers of the umbrellas. “Since the outer layer is a piece of black rubber-coated fabric toasted under the higher temperature of 280℃, the pattern printed on the inner layer looks nicer by contrast.”

Justine took out an umbrella customized for students from Hong and said: “This is the advantage from using black rubber-coated fabric. See? This umbrella has been used for 3 years, but its color has not faded a bit.” He added: “I hope that this umbrella will remind these children of the beautiful days back in school after they start working.”

Dye sublimation umbrella

600 custom umbrellas create a far better effect than ordinary advertised umbrellas.

Competition in China’s umbrella manufacturing industry has always been fierce. Ahead of the game is Hangzhou Paradise Umbrella Group, the industry’s leader that produces umbrellas in batches. What’s more, there are a host of small processing factories catching up. How did Huifeng Umbrella, a company founded 30 years ago, manage to get a share of the market?

“The key is to grasp changes of the market in time.” answered Justin. “Swift action” is the recipe for his company’s growth.


A few years ago when average umbrellas faced sales bottleneck, Justin changed the company’s direction timely and started making advertising umbrellas for some healthcare products. However, soon he found that this type of low-end products could never out-compete low-cost family workshops. Again, Justin wanted to look for breakthroughs and eventually targeted at custom-made umbrella business in line with the idea that “even one single umbrella can be custom-made.”

The cost to produce one custom-made umbrella was no small. At the beginning of 2014, Justin invested over 200,000 RMB in buying a printing machine for designing and printing graphic patterns of custom-made umbrellas. As Justin explained, customization means that the volume of orders will not be big. Developing a new production process involves high cost, and therefore is not cost-efficient for most umbrella manufacturers. That is why many traditional umbrella manufacturers usually make one production process and then start mass printing and production based on it.

digital printing worker
digital printing worker

Nevertheless, Justin did not hold back investment. After the new printing machine was purchased, the company received a special order. A large-scale athletic meeting was about to be held in Changchun city. The organizer wanted to print the photos of more than 1,000 athletes on the surfaces of umbrellas. Since the photo on each umbrella was different, making the desired umbrellas in a traditional way would be extremely expensive. However, the technician of the company pulled an all nighter to study how to use the new equipment, and figured it out eventually. At last, the company successfully delivered all the umbrellas ahead of the athletic meeting.

The key to making a custom printing umbrella is to ensure zero error in color fastness and joint areas on the umbrella cover.

digital printing machine inspection
digital printing machine inspection

“Many foreign trade and design companies have purchased custom-made umbrellas from us.” said Justin. He felt much honored whenever a customer decided to choose his product over so many other umbrella manufacturers on the market. Currently, the umbrellas that are custom-made and sold account for 60% of his company’s overall business. What makes Justine more confident is that individual-based customization has certain technical challenges and not every ordinary umbrella factory can be up to this task.

dye sublimation umbrella

According to Justin, the most difficult and most important part in making a custom-made umbrella is absolutely zero error in each and every joint area on umbrella covers.

He continued: “We have had multiple years of experience in this industry, and have obtained quite a few patents so far. We will make full use of these advantages in the future.”

Currently, Justin plans to purchase several more production lines and transform them for custom-made products. He said: “We have to take the lead in the industry. That motivates us to produce newer and higher-quality products to attract more customers.”

Advertising Beach Umbrellas

Advertising beach umbrellas are fun 360-degree message to promote your business. Typically distributed simply by street teams.

Advertising beach umbrellas are going to be seend simply by many audience . Like sunbathers, beach goers plus potentially boaters in your own target markerts. Your advertising will stick within the thoughts of the consumer because of high repeat traffic upon beaches. Not only all through the day but additionally all through an entrie summer, your own advertising beach umbrellas are assured to be remembered.

Advertising beach umbrellas
Advertising  beach umbrellas are cutom to each campaign.

Beach umbrellas are customizable, simply by shape, size and colour making them the ideal addition to any strategy. Whether the beach umbrellas are utilized for personalisation efforts or directional signs, this sort of beach marketing will be effective at reaching consumers that live an actic way of life.

Custom Advertising beach umbrellas
Beach umbrellas may conclusion up being restricted in order that you can prevent overcrowding the beachers.

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Quando l’arte cinese incontra la cultura italiana… anche nell’ombrello!

Da sempre, tra la Cina e l’Italia vi sono ottimi rapporti. Due paesi così lontani eppure così vicini. Un magnifico esempio di quanto queste due culture siano molto somiglianti, è facilmente riscontrabile.

Non a caso, se si va a visitare il sito www.hfumbrella.com, si potrà verificare direttamente come tra i due popoli vi sia un forte legame. Infatti, anche nella produzione di un oggetto semplice come può essere un ombrello, si nota immediatamente la perizia e la qualità di tutta la produzione della nota ditta cinese Huifeng Umbrella.

creative umbrella in italy

Quindi, anche semplici ma utili oggetti quotidiani, alle volte, sono in grado di creare e fortificare ponti con realtà molto lontane da noi. Ulteriore testimonianza di questo forte legame, è, ad esempio, dato dalle realizzazioni di incantevoli ombrelli da parte di questa azienda cinese destinati a raccogliere fondi per il magnifico santuario di Saronno.

Con una infinità di clienti sparsi in ogni angolo della terra, il sito hfumbrella.com, è una stupenda finestra aperta sulla caleidoscopica produzione di ombrelli firmati Huifeng Umbrella. Un’eleganza tipicamente cinese, pertanto, che sa perfettamente integrarsi al gusto tradizionale italiano.

Specializzati nella realizzazione di ogni tipo di ombrello, visitando il sito hfumbrella.com, si potrà avere la possibilità di ammirare una produzione di qualità e dai connotati fantasmagorici.  In fondo, è una magnifica occasione per avere un prodotto di alta qualità ad un prezzo assolutamente competitivo.

Non è, quindi, una coincidenza, se una alta qualità e un ottimo servizio caratterizzano lo staff di questa ditta. In conclusione, si invita a visitare il www.hfumbrella.com, proprio per ammirare quanto egregiamente prodotto dalla ditta cinese Huifeng Umbrella.

Huifeng Umbrella Attend The 25th China (Shenzhen) International Gift and Home Product Fair

The 25th China (Shenzhen) International Gift and Home Product Fair, organized by Reed Huabo, is scheduled to be held from October 20 to 23, 2017, at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. As Asia’s premier and most anticipated sourcing event with more than 5,000 booths expected, the show will showcase top gifts, premiums and consumer products from around China and beyond. 
 Gift fair umbrella
Huifeng Umbrella Co.,Ltd. as one professional umbrella company, was invited  to attend this show.  We displayed manufacturing capabilities, umbrella new trends,  a wide range of products  and innovation, like SOS LED inverted umbrella, Digital printing umbrella, Dye sublimation umbrellas,super strong windproof golf umbrellas ,etc. Huge visitors insterested their products very well and placed many orders at the booth.
 Gift Umbrella Customer
To support the small and medium oversea buyers , Huifeng umbrella offering ” No minnimum order ” with  ” Door to Door ” service. It’s difficult for buyer to place big order when they buy at first time. Market can not be forecast , and  even some buyers never buy from  China  before . As the great progress of Internet, some buyers find Huifeng though internet . They try to buy custom umbrellas directly to avoid high cost from the their country big importers.
 Huifeng umbrella also try our best  to lay buyers doubts of umbrella quality.  Photos and videos during produce and inpection process will be offered timely. Customer can see their order production clearly in factory.
 Buy Umbrella Gift
” Thanks very much for being a really good company with great customer service. I have had real nightmares in the past with Chinese umbrella factory and I haven‘t once had a problem with you guys, so thanks Huifeng! ” Alina ,Designer from UK.
“I am the brand manager of Elly’s fashion and  totally happy with the umbrella product that I purchased. The quality is great, the communication surrounding delivery was on point! Will be ordering again no doubt in the future.” Tom , Brand  Manager  of  ELLY’s  .

Pongee Fabric: Uses and Advantages

What  is Pongee fabric?

Pongee fabric

Pongee is a medium-weight, balanced, woven fabric with an irregular filling and a fine regular warp. It was originally wild-silk fabric, but today it’s used to refer to a fabric with an appearance of irregular filling yarns and fine warp yarns. The most common form of pongee fabric is the naturally coloured light-weight silk-like, plain weave fabric usually with a slubbed effect.
The most common uses include dresses, umbrellas, blouses, etc. They also make excellent linings in many types of garments from jackets to suits and dresses to coats. The fabric is fully washable, which makes it the best alternatives compared acetate and other more heavy-weight linings. The fabric is durable, strong and tightly woven which also makes it aesthetic as a lining for finished products.

Pongee fabric

History of pongee fabric
Pongee was a very important export to the United States from China in the early 20th century. It’s still being woven from pure silk by many mills across most China towns, especially in Sichuan, Zhejiang, Anhui, and Jiangsu provinces.
Pongee was first woven by hand for personal use; the Amami Islanders of China wore it until it was prohibited by the Satsuma clan in 1720 for personal wearing. Later on, Pongee was produced primarily to be given to the Satsuma clan as a tribute. From 1870, silk pongee was open for sale to the common market and quickly become a very popular commodity. In 1895, the mud-dyeing technique was introduced and with it came the Glossed thread as raw pongee material.

1897 Looms made weaving more efficient and easy, and the fabric heavily infiltrated the textile industry. The Silk Pongee Union was formed in 1901 to carry out inspections and improve the reliability and quality of pongee. The binding machine developed in 1902 enabled fabricators to develop more detailed and intricate pongee patterns.

By the end of 1958, fabricators were able to rub various colours into the pongee threads developed. Various arrays of pongee have been created over the years while still preserving the tradition Why Pongee is the most common material used for making umbrellas.

Pongee umbrella

Umbrella manufacturers always want to overcome their competitors in the industry, for this reason, they are always looking for high-quality materials. The fabric is probably the most important part of an umbrella followed by the frame. The canopy is made from various fabric materials including Nylon, polyester, Pongee fabric and so on, out of which pongee is the most common use due to its superior quality.

Pongee fabric is preferred for creating high-grade umbrellas since it has desirable features of resistance to breaking and waterproofing, qualities that have attracted most umbrella manufacturers.

Another advantage that makes pongee fabric preferred for use on umbrellas is that it’s easy to print. Whether you are using digital printing, thermal transfer or silk-screen printing, the final prints on the material always turn out exactly as they appear in the original file. If you like your umbrellas to have your custom logos, pongee should be your first choice.

This also makes pongee the best choice for designing promotional or advertisement umbrellas. Pongee fabric material for designing umbrellas should be of high density, preferably 190t and upwards. Nylon and polyester are the next closest alternatives to pongee and sometimes used for designing cost-effective umbrellas, but these might, however, last long.

Pongee fabric

Advantages of Pongee over nylon
Pongee and Nylon are very similar fabric materials, and both are used to manufacture various products such as bags, umbrellas, dresses. And also used as linings with different kinds of garments. Due to this similarity, these materials are sometimes interchanged in their uses. However, as you’ve seen in the examples of umbrellas above, Pongee comes out as the most superior alternative to the likes of nylon and polyester as it offers high-grade quality.
Pongee is inherently stronger, tougher and denser compared to nylon and polyester. Since pongee is a finer thread, manufacturers are able to weave with a higher thread count giving a strengthened final product. Here is a quick look at other advantages of pongee you should know about.


Advantages of Pongee fabric

• Abrasion resistant and Very durable

• Resists shrinking and stretching

• Waterproof and dries quickly

• Mildew and mould resistant

• Easy to clean, you may dry cleaned it

• Holds colour well and resists fading

• Recyclable

Nylon and polyester, on the other hand, fade easily in sunlight, have an overly shiny appearance.  May sometimes generate static electricity and are environmentally unfriendly since they are not easily recyclable.  Now pongee fabric comes out as a superior option for a wide range of application.

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